Memorial Box: The Lost Ring

One grey, stormy Sunday afternoon Josh and I decided to take a stroll along Aberystwyth sea front. At the end of the harbour stretches a long wooden jetty which forms part of the harbour sea defence and stands about thirty feet above the mud which is covered by the incoming tide.
The wind was blowing and we were both huddled into our coats feeling cold so I suggested we do some star jumps to warm up.

Our little aerobics session was going well until we suddenly froze as we heard
clink...clink...clink...and then nothing....
We just stared at each other and knew that Josh’s wedding ring had just flown off his cold finger and fallen through the wooden slats of the jetty and down to the harbour below.
You can imagine our emotions at that moment. Horror, sadness, disappointment, worry. We’d only been married for four months and that ring represented so much to us.
The tide was out so Josh decided to climb over the boulders at the end of the harbour and scramble under the jetty to see if he could find it, I couldn’t make the climb so I stayed on the jetty so he could see where it had fallen.  
Underneath the jetty runs an artificial wall of boulders covered in thick slimy seaweed.
Imagine it...massive boulders piled to above head height covered masses of dark slippery seaweed. A tiny ring could be anywhere.
After fifteen minutes of looking and frantic praying I decided to climb down one of the (chained off) ladders used by fishermen. I clung on for dear life as a strong wind blew directly into my face as I climbed down the rickety ladder. I couldn’t just give up without helping the search.
After a few more minutes searching it seemed pointless. We’d never find it and the tide was quickly coming in and covering the mud.
We stood shivering together and prayed out-loud one more time before turning towards the ladder to climb back up to safety.
I’ll never forget that moment. Literally just after we finished praying Josh walked over to a boulder, leaned over, stuck his hand into the seaweed and drew out the ring. I don’t think even he knew why he did it.
Only God.
Seriously...I wish you could all go to see how unlikely it would be for anyone to find a small gold ring amongst all those boulders after it had fallen from thirty feet....only God!
It brings tears to my eyes all these years later. Even though it’s ‘only’ a ring, it was still a sign of the promises we made to each other on our wedding day; buying another one just wouldn’t be the same.
But God knew what it meant to us and proved that with him, even the impossible is possible.
He’s awesome like that.
I’m linking up with Linny for Memorial Box Monday. What have you got to thank God for today?


  1. I'm glad he found it! That said, most of the guys I know have lost and had to re-buy a ring at some point. My youth group leader lost his during their white water rafting on their honeymoon. My dad is on his third band. My cousin is on his 3rd ring too after only 2 years! (But he's an artist and is required to take it off for both safety and cleanliness purposes. In fact, my mom has a few "travel" bands so when she goes out of town, she doesn't lose her nice band.

  2. I remember this! I think Josh told me about it afterwards... It is amazing! Praise God... Now I just want to pray about all the things I've lost now... rings, earrings... :)

  3. How awesome is that! A miracle truly to find that ring.

    This reminds me of The Lord showing Linny where her contact was in the grass and where her pots and pans were after she moved. Have you read those stories before?

    He sees all, even lost/misplaced things we think will be gone forever... he cares about every detail in our lives. Beautiful story, thank you for sharing!

  4. Wow, what an amazing story! I once helped a girl find her wedding ring in the queue for the port-a-loos at a festival, by using the light from my mobile phone to help her see the floor. Slightly less romantic but we all cried when she found it!

  5. Awesomeness! I just love how He answered your prayers in an instant!!! yes so totally Him! Your marriage is blessed :) :) tears here.

  6. Wow. Wow. Wow. I know, all too well, the craziness of God showing me my contact lens many feet from where I was originally standing, after searching that windy day for a really long time. I wrote about it as a MBM story. I just walked many feet away, bent down, parted the grass and there was my green contact lens. My guess is that Almighty God has some extraordinary things yet to come for your family...so that you can look back at the wedding ring story and KNOW that HE IS ABLE. Thank you so much for sharing...seriously, it was a faith booster that I needed. Today, during our Bible study I am going to read your story to the kids. Bless you my friend for linking up. Tell another, tell another, tell another! xo