Friday's Letters

Dear Maternity Leave,
You’ve started. You’ve started. You’ve started! Wooooop!
Dear Josh,
I’m glad you’re having such a good time on placement. Carry on enjoying living the dream! I’m sorry I can’t be there too to support you. I miss you lots and lots. Only 17 days to go.
Also...look what people from work bought us for the baby! The baby-cake thing has got nappies, a blanket, feeding cloth, vest, bib, booties, socks and a teddy! Another lady gave us a hat and some booties. {She gave me chocolate too but that will be gone by the time you get back}. So sweet!

Dear Friends,
Thanks so much for your kind words, comments, emails and texts after I had my little rant the other day about pregnancy. I’m feeling so much better now.
My scan went really well and God answered lots of little prayers which just made the whole thing easy – and the great news is that the baby is fine and growing well.
Dear Baby,
I love you so much already! I loved seeing your little face on the ultrasound yesterday and watching you rub your eyes. I can’t wait to meet you properly and have lots of sweet cuddles. And I’m so happy to hear you have some hair already! All that heartburn has obviously been worth it.
Dear Cold-Callers,
Does it make you feel good to know that every time you ring my house you’re making a heavily pregnant woman stop what she’s doing (usually napping) and thunder down the stairs to answer a pointless call? DOES IT!?
I’m not going to buy your payment protection even if you call me six times a day.
Dear Newly Pregnant Friends,
DON’T sign up for those packs where they innocently offer you lots of free samples in return for your contact details. No amount of stretch-mark cream is worth being constantly contacted by annoying baby companies.
Dear McChicken Sandwich,
Why can I smell you even though I'm nowhere near a McDonalds? You are too tempting...I'm trying to eat healthy!
Dear Devon,

Happy Weekend!


  1. Found you on the link up, congrats on your baby :)


  2. Found you through the link up! your blog is so cute! Congrats on the Maternity Leave starting and the new addition your family!


  3. You're too cute. Ah, maternity leave! One day i will have that (when i am pregnant haha). We get those kinds of calls ALL THE TIME - mostly credit card companies - and it makes me crazy! We also get one for someone who doesn't live here about how she needs to pay her student loan bill ASAP - i'm like - SHE DOESN'T LIVE HERE PEOPLE!! But it's a recording so i can't actually tell them that!

  4. So happy for you Mrs Maynard. :) enjoy your time at home and in Devon (how are you getting there? Are you driving?). Enjoy the wonderfulness of being pregnant (I'm genuinely excited about when I'd be able to balance a plate of food on my bump...) so looking forward to seeing Baby Maynard soon! xxx