Five Fact Friday

1. I’ve been staying with my parent’s house in Devon for the last two weeks and have been having a bit of an internet break (hence the blog silence). It’s been lovely and restful – I’ve been having lots of naps and I’ve read five books so far.
2. I’ve also seen lots of my siblings and nieces and nephew which has been great. We’ve done goat walking, rock climbing, geo-caching and lots more.

3. It seems like since I started maternity leave my body has suddenly decided to feel pregnant. In the last couple of weeks I’ve begun to feel like a tired, swollen, huge beached whale. Only three weeks to go!
4. I haven’t seen Josh for three weeks but he’s coming to pick me up from Devon on Sunday. SO EXCITED!
5. I wish I would stop getting emails telling me that now I am 37 weeks I am full term and the baby can arrive at any time! I’ve been focussing on getting through Josh’s placement and actually having  a baby all seems a bit surreal. We’ve still got loads to sort before she arrives!

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  1. Woohoo for 37weeks!!! And sometimes an Internet break is needed!