Random thoughts on a Tuesday

1. I’ve been feeling pretty tired, fed up and sorry for myself this week. I caught a cold in A&E and it’s making me feel rough and I’d just generally like to hide my head in the sand and not deal with real life. However a couple of days off this week have given me a bit of rest and perspective and I think I’m coming out of my funk now.
2. Josh is feeling much better but still not right (he keeps getting weird dizzy spells). Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers. He has a hospital appointment on the 31st July so we’ll see what they say then!
3. I have driven in Cardiff a few times and so far no one has died. Woot!
4. I couldn’t sleep last night and at about 4am I heard birds attacking our bin bags so I got up to look out of the window and came face to face with a fox on top of the 20 foot wall opposite our bedroom window. I don’t have a clue how it got there or how it got down but it was pretty cool. Pregnancy insomnia is worth it sometimes.
5. I tried to be organised last week and sorted out our old receipts…then the birds ate our bins and scattered them across the neighbourhood. Yes, I know I should have shredded them.
6. I’m sooooo tired. This baby is sucking the energy out of me.
7. I probably should have eaten some fruit earlier instead of a pack of Rolos. Maybe that’s why I’m tired?
8. I had a midwife appointment today and I’m measuring exactly right! 31cm. Everyone keeps saying I look petite… but I think they are WRONG. I feel huuuuge. {it's all chocolate}
9. I borrowed some more maternity clothes today and they’re so pretty! I can’t wait to wear them. We also have a maternity photo shoot on Sunday! I’m nervous – I’m like Chandler from Friends; I always end up pulling some unnatural grimace as soon as I get in front of a camera lense!
10. Our computer is slowly dying a death. It keeps crashing and every time it's about to freak out it starts making a noise exactly like the black smoke from Lost. What does this mean?
11. My plan is to lie in bed tonight and watch a film while Josh is out at football. Have you seen any good films recently? What are your suggestions?


  1. Hi Rachel - I remember that huge feeling - dare I say "It's worth it!"? Wear your pretty clothes - you haven't got long to go now. I am sending you, Josh and baby all the best love in the World. Take care. Gill x

  2. Watched Red Dog last night - that was good. Enjoyed Iron Lady a few weeks ago.

  3. Hey Rachel, about your computer. Have you got the start-up disks? If you have you can wipe your computer completely and start again, just make sure you take everything off it and make a note of any software you might have downloaded over the years. Either do that or restore your computer back to an earlier point. If you do one of those things your computer should be good as new again. I did it with my old laptop and it was brilliant, sadly it then died because of a dodgy connection but never-mind!

  4. you are tired because your body is working harder - and pregnancy makes you tired my brother's wife got so tired with her third that she fell into a deep sleep - her 2 year old daughter siezed the opportunity retrieved the hidden felt pans from the top of the wardrobe and coloured in her 4 year old sister!!!!- embrace - it sleep wherever and whenever you can - eat more calories and enjoy!
    still in our prayers love Su

  5. Hey Rachel,
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm now following your blog and look forward to reading the last stretch of your pregnancy! Are you going to be posting the pictures from your shoot on Sunday? If so, I'm excited to see! I know exactly what you mean with the pregnancy insomnia ;P it doesn't help that I drink my little bit of caffeine late at night haha.

    Dearest Lou