Peak District: The Roaches

Due to having a broken computer and a broken husband I’m a bit behind in posting about our time away in the Peak District.
IMG_9739 IMG_9744 IMG_9745 A couple of weeks ago we spent five days staying in a cottage with our friends Tom and Naomi near Buxton in the Peaks. It was great fun but five days (three really once we’d arrived and left) was not enough time to feel like we’d done it justice.
The countryside is beautiful (we saw lots of wildlife), there are lots of quaint villages and towns and many attractions to visit. I hope we can go back to explore some more in the not-so-distant future.
IMG_9610 On our first full day there we went for a walk up to The Roaches; some high rock formations not too far from our cottage. It was a steep climb but the views were amazing from the top!
IMG_9611 IMG_9614
We then walked down to the reservoir you can see in the picture below and back to the cottage. A tiring but fun day.
We also got great views of a barn owl (but a rubbish photo!) but more on him another day…


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I want to visit soooooo bad!

  2. Being from the US, I didn't know "The Roaches" was a landmark there. By the post title, I was worried y'all had roaches where you stayed. ha! Oh boy.....

    Such a beautiful place to visit!

  3. Saw a barn owl a few weeks ago when we were on our way camping.It flew out from a side road, flew along just ahead and a fraction above of the car for a short distance and then went off to the left over a hedge - a bit like one of those amazing shots you get in wildlife programmes...