Peak District: Froggatt Edge

After we’d finished looking around Chatsworth House we decided to take a little drive to a beauty spot called Froggatt Edge.
You know the bit in Pride and Prejudice (the film, not BBC drama) where Keira Knightley stands on a rocky outcrop staring moodily into the distance while her skirts billow around her? We thought that Froggatt was the place where they filmed it, but it turns out it wasn’t (sorry Naomi but it’s true!). It didn’t really matter because it looks very similar and it was BEAUTIFUL.
The sun came out and the view was amazing! A perfect day for pretending to be Elizabeth Bennett.
IMG_9696 IMG_9713
We were pretty tired after a whole day on our feet but I’m glad we made the effort to go for this walk. It was a perfect end to the day.
IMG_9695 IMG_9717
When we got back to the car we saw two beautiful Red Deer stags just to top it all off. Lovely.


  1. Looks great. I especially love that immediately following writing, 'A perfect day for pretending to be Elizabeth Bennett.' you put up a picture of Josh's legs!

  2. WOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!! Amazing!!!!! That's so cool. I love that picture of the stagg! xx

  3. How beautiful all of that is!!! I think I'd love to have gone on that walk with you. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  4. Where was your skirt?!!!!

  5. Ok as soon as I saw the title, I was like "Pride and Prejudice!" ah! how exciting that you went to see this, it's definitely on my list of top ten places I want to visit. It looks BEAUTIFUL, and you took pretty pictures! I love that you stood on the rock, all Elizabeth Bennett like. I am totally watching that movie tonight!

    How is traveling pregnant? I hope it's not too rough, you look great!

  6. Oh, that is so beautiful!! What a fun trip!

  7. Loving your uk posts! It's one of my must sees to go. :) beautiful photos! Now following your blog, yay!

  8. whoaaa so beautiful! it's breathtaking!!

  9. It does look like that scene from P&P!! Amazing! One day I will travel to England... such beauty!!! :)