Deer, hospitals and photographs

This was orignally meant to be a weekend update post but I haven't had any time this week to upload my photos. Oops!
We've had another really busy week. I don’t feel like I’m getting much of a chance to rest and put my feet up recently because I want to make the most of all the time we have left before the baby arrives doing fun things in between working!
IMG_9874 IMG_9878
On Saturday we ticked something off our bucket list and went to Dyrham Park which is a stately home in Wiltshire. My sister and her family live quite close so they came over to meet us there. There are some really beautiful gardens and a deer park and it was lovely to enjoy the sunshine (for once!).
IMG_9873 IMG_9849
On Sunday we had an early church service and then some of our old university friends came to visit for the day.
Unfortunately I stupidly stumbled against the corner of a table in the morning (I still haven’t got used to how big my bump is!) and it brought up quite a big bruise on my abdomen. I could tell that I was okay but because my blood type is Rhesus Negative I have to Anti-D injections if there is a risk that mine and the baby’s blood could mix. It was so frustrating because we ended up being in hospital for three hours just because of clumsiness on my part!

I had to go on a tracing machine to monitor the baby’s heartbeat to check she was okay. I like hearing the heartbeat but those things are stressful as the rhythm is constantly changing from slow to quick and it makes you paranoid! At one point it got really slow and then stopped! Thankfully I could feel her moving around so I knew she was fine and had just moved away from the sensors – otherwise it would have been really scary.
We finally made it home to meet Naomi and Malcolm who have a photography business called Mustard Yellow Photography. We had a nice afternoon out in the sunshine while they captured some maternity photos for us.
I think Josh and I are officially the most un-photogenic couple in the history of the world; I hate having my photo taken and Josh seems to be incapable of not pulling a stupid face every 30 seconds! Thankfully our talented photographers were able to get some good shots despite the awful models!
It was lovely to see them and catch up on news and I look forward to seeing the shots at some point!
There isn't much news from the rest of the week because I have been working every day and Josh is still at his Welsh course. My feet have turned into Puffer Fish lookalikes and my legs ache like I've run a marathon...the joys of pregnancy in summer.

Looking forward to maternity leave in...two weeks and counting!


  1. Don't you just love those anti d injections!!! they used to just give you one after the baby was born - they changed it just before I got pregnant with rebecca - any excuse to stick a needle in!!!! glad you are ok though!

  2. So much scenic photography! What lovely places, and you are very talented at capturing it all. How beautiful.

    Oh wow I didn't know there was so much more involved when you're Rhesus negative, how stressful! Glad to hear all is well and that you got to hear baby's heartbeat again, it is comforting to hear it beating away.

    I so understand feeling awkward in photographs, my husband is always making ridiculous faces, too. I have to BEG him to take it seriously haha! I'm sure the pictures came out beautiful, can't wait to see them :)

  3. Those pictures are so gorgeous! I love the deer one! I'm so glad you and the baby are ok.

  4. love your pictures:) and i'm sure you are not the most unphotogenic people ever, haha! thanks for sharing, and glad you are ok!

  5. Wow what beautiful countryside!! Glad you're ok :)

  6. Those pictures are stunning! I'm so sorry that you had an accident, but I'm so glad that everything was okay!!