30 Weeks

How Far Along: 30 weeks and 4 days. Only ten more weeks to go!

{Same outfit as 25 weeks for comparison}
Baby Size: According to Baby Centre she is about as big as a ‘good sized’ cabbage! Ha! She’s weighing about 1.3kg and is around 40cm long from head to heel.
The midwife said I was measuring perfectly this week. I was surprised because everyone keeps saying how small I look and I was measuring on the small side last time. Apparently I just have a long body so the bump looks smaller! {I feel like a whale}.
Maternity Clothes? Yes! Don’t really know what else to say about them that I haven’t said before. The weather is so horrible recently that I’ve just been wearing lots of snuggly layers (is it really July?!) and I normally steal one of Josh’s jumpers for slobbing around the house.
Sleep: I’m still sleeping pretty well although some nights are more disturbed than others. I’m beginning to forget what it’s like not to be pregnant so I can’t really work out if I’m getting a lot less sleep. I don’t think so. From reading other blogs and hearing people say they have to get up four times in the night etc. I think I have it pretty easy. I’ve started getting leg cramps though…they hurt!
I also have weird dreams about losing the baby or it having four hands and feet...I think we can surmise that I'm feeling a bit stressed!
Miss Anything? I still love being pregnant but I’m beginning to understand how people get to the stage of just wanting to have the baby out later on in pregnancy. I feel cumbersome and I miss just being about to bend down easily to put my socks on or to reach something on the floor. The other day I was rolling around on the floor doing these ridiculous contortions just to get something out from under the bed – all because I can’t just bend down like a normal person!
I still feel quite well in myself though and I’m really grateful for that. I truly believe that diet and attitude have a lot to do with it. When I eat well, take my vitamins and keep busy and active (but obviously rest when I need to) I feel fine, but when I eat junk and lay around procrastinating I begin to feel rubbish.
Movement: Since hitting the third trimester (28 weeks) I’ve begun to feel a lot more regular movement which is reassuring.
Food Cravings: I’m still really craving sweet things and I’m paranoid I’m eating too much junk. I’m trying to snack on fruit and yoghurts rather than sweets and to make sure I’m getting enough of the food groups.
Anything making you queasy or sick? No! Horray!
Belly button in or out? Still in...at the moment (and hoping it will stay that way!)
Wedding rings on or off? On…haven’t noticed any change in hand size yet.
Looking forward to: Meeting our baby!
Finalising the nursery.
Going down to Devon in August to spend time with family.
Things are so up in the air and busy at the moment with Josh doing a Welsh course (in July) and a church placement (in August) and waiting for results from tests, and thinking about all the things we need to get sorted for the baby that it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed. I’m just trying to take each day as it comes.


  1. You look soooo adorable! Glad you are feeling well besides the leg cramps during sleep and having to bend all over the place to reach things (I remember that!). I craved sweet things in my pregnancy, too. I have a friend that craved vegetables, how lucky is that? I was all, "More chocolate! More pizza!" I can't believe you're already 30 weeks, how wonderful!!

  2. I reckon that the body craves what it needs - though that theory doesn't quite work when it comes to coal ??!! glad you are feeling well su

  3. You look great! Everyone says I look small too, although I'm really not. Yay for long torsos...hehe!

  4. You look adorable! Such a cute bump!

  5. Lovely jubbly. Happy times ahead for you :) God will look after you all. Take each day as it comes and try to go with the flow rather than worrying about everything. It'll all come together in the end :) xxx