Worry and Reassurance {part 2}

Make sure you read PART 1 first!

We prayed about it some more and I thought I would have a look on Ebay for cheap carrrycot attachments before we went back to Mothercare to complain.
Within seconds I’d found a really cheap, hardly used carrycot in the right colour available for collection just 30 minutes from our house!

The bidding ended at about 9.30am on Saturday morning so I got up and checked the computer and found someone else was bidding against me. I decided to wait until the last moment before putting in another bid as I didn’t want to drive up the price too much, so I went to have a shower and get ready to go out.
I  checked the site again when I got back to the bedroom and saw I had seven minutes to go...okay I thought...I’ll wait until about 2 minutes and then I’ll have plenty of time to bid.
I got dressed and I’m SURE I didn’t take over six minutes but I just happened to walk past the computer and noticed it said FORTY TWO SECONDS.
WHATTTTT?!?!?! I hadn’t even logged into Ebay yet so I was manically trying to enter my bid and remember my password.
The person bidding against me had entered a maximum bid of £30 but I didn’t realise and so every time I entered another bid it came back as being beaten.
It was actually pretty hilarious. Josh was still in bed and I was jumping around the room screaming at the computer in a hysterical manner getting very over excited (remind me never to attend a real auction)!
With TWO SECONDS to go I entered a bid of £31 and it was accepted! I WON!!!!
Seriously...if I hadn’t glanced at the computer at that precise moment there is no way I would have time to put in a successful bid.
We were able to pick it up the same day and it’s in great condition...you wouldn’t know it’s not new and with a saving of £129 on the shop bought price!
After this I began to feel much better about our decision about the pram. I still really liked the one we’d bought and God had solved our problem of not being able to use it for a newborn.
However, that wasn’t all. God had another totally unexpected way of reassuring us that we had made the right decision....
A couple of days later the car seat we’d bought to go with the pram (it fits onto the frame) arrived. The very same afternoon I received a Facebook message from a girl who was two years ahead of me at university. I knew of her from the Christian Union but we’d never really been friends and I hadn’t talked to her for years (we aren’t even friends on Facebook but she was still able to send me a message).
Apparently she’d been talking to a mutual friend and heard that I was pregnant and wanted to offer us a MaxiCosi IsoFix car adapter that she no longer needed.
An IsoFix is a base which you attach to your car so you can just attach your child’s carseat to it without having to bother with belting the carseat in every time and making sure it’s all correctly secure...basically it makes loading your child in and out of the car a million times easier.
The carseat we bought was a MaxiCosi and was perfect for the base she was offering. We’d had the choice of two seats to go with the pram and the other one wouldn’t have been compatible!

They’re worth over £100 new and she is willing to let us have it for free!
I just couldn’t get over it. I literally have not talked to this woman for years and she emails me on the very day our perfectly compatible car-seat arrives at our door?
You may not believe in prayer and may consider this a coincidence...but how many coincidences have to happen before we sit up and start to take notice that God actually does hear us when we talk to him?
It was such a lovely reassurance from God that we had bought the right pram, and that he was involved in the decision all along. We wouldn’t have bothered getting the IsoFix base as it’s another big expense, but it’s a lovely blessing as it will make loading the baby in and out so much easier and we have the peace of mind that the carseat is safely secured.
Woot! Now we just the baby!


  1. I'm not really versed in baby stuff so thought I'd ask is a carry cot for a new born baby and then you can swap it over for the one you bought? I'm so pleased you got sorted :) hurrah. xxx

  2. Hayley herbert16 June 2012 at 09:44

    Eden lived in her carrycot till she was like 8months lol glad u got it all sorted :) not long now!! Xx

  3. Hayley herbert16 June 2012 at 09:47

    Eden lived in her carrycot till she was like 8months lol glad u got it all sorted :) not long now!! Xx

  4. Hayley herbert16 June 2012 at 09:47

    Eden lived in her carrycot till she was like 8months lol glad u got it all sorted :) not long now!! Xx

  5. What an amazing answer to prayer! Isn't God great?! :)

  6. That's wonderful! I love how God cares about the little and big things, he is so faithful. That stroller is adorable, I LOVE That it reclines all the way, you don't see those very much where I live :)

  7. I was out for the weekend and am now just getting to read this!! I LOVE GOD! I love how cool he is! This is such a great story and what a wonderful testimony of his goodness!

  8. I enjoyed reading this story Rachel - it's amazing how God will work out even the little things for us when we ask Him! So glad you were able to get both strollers!