Worry and Reassurance {part 1}

A couple of weekends ago Josh and I ordered our pram from Mothercare. We were weren’t actually planning to buy anything that day...it was the first place we’d been and we just wanted to have a look at what was available.
We’d had one particular brand recommended to us and it didn’t take me long to realise that that one was actually my favourite too. It also happened to have a big reduction on it which actually made it cheaper than the Mothercare ‘own-brand’ version of the same stroller.
It was this price reduction that really threw a spanner in the works. Normally we would have gone away, shopped around a bit, looked at some reviews and come back at a later date but because it was a ‘price match’ reduction the sales’ assistants had no idea when the promotion would end. We didn’t want to risk missing a £150 sale on a great stroller, but at the same time it was a huge amount of money to spend on something when we hadn’t shopped around AT ALL.
We went to McDonalds for a break and prayed about it and both felt like we should just go for it and buy the pram (and car seat) that day. The pram is one of our only big outlays and so we wanted to get a new one rather than get one from Ebay for cheap; we would get a good warrantee on it new and Mothercare is a pretty good shop in regards to support and after-care (or so we have been told).
Anyway, fast-forward a week and our pram arrives. Ever since we’d bought it I’d been worrying about it...it’s such a lot of money, what if we didn’t listen to God properly and got the wrong one? What if we could have got a better deal elsewhere? What if? What if?
When we put it together and tried all the different positions etc we quickly realised that the seat didn’t recline fully even though I’m sure the sales assistant had told us it did. That means it’s not suitable for a newborn...even though the sales assistant had definitely told us it was! (I looked on their website and the seat isn’t recommended for babies under 6 months so I guess they’d claim that you can use it for a newborn if you want even though it’s not recommended.)
I felt sick! We’d specifically checked with the assistant that the seat was suitable for a newborn because we didn’t want to have to buy the carry-cot attachment for the first six months at an extra £160.
I just wanted it to be right! I didn’t want to have to take it all back to Mothercare and argue that they’d miss-sold it to us and they needed to give us a re-fund even though we’d already taken it out and assembled it. Uggggh.
We were sure that we had listened to God and we had specifically involved him in our decision making process. I was gutted that we seemed to have got it wrong and I felt like an idiot for not shopping around a bit more and looking at reviews before just plunging in.
I didn’t want to make this post too long so check back tomorrow to hear the rest of the story and see how God worked through the situation!


  1. I hope y'all found a solution! Stroller shopping is definitely stressful. We have that same stroller except ours is silver with a teal seat. We use the Maxi Cosi Mico carseat and with the attachments it fits onto that stroller's frame and we love it!

  2. Well way to leave me hanging hahaha!