Babymoon! {Part 2}

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It was hard to sleep on our first night in the yurt because we kept getting distracted by wildlife. Just as we settled down for bed we heard a family of foxes playing in the field below our yurt. We couldn’t really see them and were about to go and explore when we heard what sounded like a domestic dog barking too.
I’m 99% sure it was a dog, but the foxes didn’t seem very phased by it – foxes don’t bark like dogs do they?
Anyway Josh hates dogs and got convinced we were going to get savaged (even though our yurt was locked) so we didn’t go exploring. I like it that he is protective of his little family!
During the night we were woken up by a pesky mouse which was rustling through our bags and eating our bread and chocolate biscuits. Cute…but less welcome!
We awoke the next day surprisingly well rested to a beautiful sunny morning and the sound of birds singing their hearts out. Couldn’t be a nicer way to wake up…no traffic noise at all; just the birds and the wind in the trees.
IMG_9531 IMG_9534
We spent the morning making a fire, toasting crumpets, pottering around the yurt site and feeding the chickens before heading off to Aberaeron for a nice lunch. I had steak and a chocolate brownie and I could hardly bear to move afterwards.
We went back to the yurt so I could have a sleep (I’ve suddenly started feeling really sleepy in my 28th week) and it was seriously the BEST NAP EVER. I couldn’t keep my eyes open but it was so nice to have the doors wide open with the fresh air and wild noises all around. So relaxing!
In the evening we made scrambled eggs with freshly collected chicken eggs and lit the open fire in front of the yurt. It’s crazy how simple things like making a fire can be so fun and time consuming. We sat outside for hours building the fire and chatting away.
IMG_9588 IMG_9565 IMG_9570 IMG_9582
The next day was beautiful again so we went for a lovely six mile walk around the country lanes (about as far as I can manage nowadays).
In the evening we cooked jacket potatoes in our open fire just before the rain arrived, and ate them inside the yurt with farm butter and beans as the rain pattered against the roof.
IMG_9585 We also got amazing views of this little guy. He lives in a hole directly outside of our yurt and didn’t even seem to notice I was sat just a few yards away! Amazing!
The next day, after a very rainy night, it was time for us to wave goodbye to the Yurt Farm which was very sad. We had a great few days.
However we’re off to the Peak District this week so the adventures continue…I’ll update you on our return.


  1. how delicious in the simplest, most uncluttered kind of way... I've always wanted to spend time in a yurt - you've inspired me... and such beautiful photos :O)
    big hugs xox sue

  2. I loved this post - sounds like a fantastic couple of days! Staying in a yurt is definitely now on my to-do list! Beautiful photos too, especially the ones in the meadow. Thanks for sharing! x

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  4. Ugh, I wrote a comment with my photography business account.
    Anyway. What I wanted to say is that this sounds like you had a great vacation and I'm glad you enjoyed your babymoon!

  5. I love this :) I read it to my mum and she said it was like a story. it sounds heavenly. A happy break for you both. Enjoy the peaks!

  6. wow, so impressed!!!! you are awesome:)