Babymoon! {Part 1}

This week we’ve been away visiting West Wales. No phones, no internet, no TV…bliss.

On Sunday we drove up to Aberystwyth from Cardiff in time for the morning service at our old church. Not many people knew we were coming and from the moment we got out of the car to excitable hugs from a good friend we felt loved and welcomed home.
We managed to catch up with lots of people for quality time which was good as we probably won’t get to visit again this summer.

On Monday we drove down the coast to our destination for the next three days…
The Yurt Farm is based on an organic farm nearish Aberaeron. I say nearish because it’s basically in the middle of no-where which suited us down to the ground. It was so beautiful and quiet…you couldn’t hear anything except wildlife (which was ridiculously abundant). The yurts are pitched in two meadows and are surrounded by more fields filled with wild-flowers.

This was our yurt…
IMG_9516 IMG_9518 IMG_9520 IMG_9521 IMG_9522
It had plenty of space and had an AMAZING view from doorway. So amazing to lie in bed and see it in the morning!
If you’re looking for a yurt holiday I would definitely recommend this place. We had our own picnic table and fire pit, and they provide a free basket of organic vegetables when you arrive.
There’s a communal cabin, compost loo and wonderful hot showers that are powered by solar energy (I was expecting them to be horrible but they were nicer than our shower at home!).

IMG_9514 We were the only other people there the first night, and then only one other yurt was filled the other two nights so we hardly saw anyone and it was really quiet.

I really love staying in yurts. It feels like camping but you have the permanence of being able to move around inside your tent, a cosy bed and a fire. It makes appreciate simple living a lot more and makes you want to want to take a slice of it home with you...rather than camping when sometimes you just want to get home to have a hot shower and a comfy bed!
It was so nice just to unplug and unwind from city life, slip on our wellies and enjoy each other’s company. Josh loved wandering around the fields looking at bugs and talking to the animals!


  1. Going camping in Cornwall in August at a place with 4 yurts...

  2. I have to admit, I wasn't familiar with yurts before reading this post. They look so peaceful and relaxing. What a great place to unwind with a good book!

  3. Wow, I didn't even know you could vacation somewhere like that! It looks so peaceful . . .

  4. Ooh, this looks like a dream holiday! I am absolutely clicking the link to look this place up!