Weekend Recap

This weekend has been really lovely.  A great mix of amazing weather, productivity, friends and fun.
On Saturday I had a lazy morning because I had been awake in the night while Josh did some revision. {His last exam is on Tuesday – I can’t wait for him to be finished!}
In the afternoon we went to the garden centre and bought some pots and lavender for our garden. I absolutely love lavender and I’m excited to have three different varieties now. I’m looking forward to seeing them flower.

We are really enjoying our garden at the moment. It’ s such a blessing to have an outside space and in this nice weather we constantly have the kitchen door and windows open. Josh is really ‘garden proud’ and is out there all the time strimming the lawn, weeding or watching the birds – I think it’s good for him to have a bit of space where he can pretend he’s not in the city!

In the evening we went to a Eurovision party – rather predictably the UK did appallingly but it was fun to hang out with friends none-the-less.

We did have a bit of an unplanned trip to the hospital on Saturday night because I was getting paranoid that I hadn’t felt the baby move very much since Wednesday. Normally I feel her kicking for a prolonged period of time each day, but she had only done the odd movement here and there so I rang up the midwife and they said we could come in just to check. I thought it was probably fine –and she was! – but it was nice to have peace of mind. We also got to hear her heart beat for the first time which was exciting!
Have I mentioned that we have decided on a name for the baby? We want to keep it a secret until the birth but I’m sure that one of us is going to let it slip by accident because we call her by her name all the time at home so it seems natural to use it in conversation!
On Sunday we went to church and then had some people round for food, and then spent the afternoon relaxing in the garden.
What did you do this weekend?
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  1. I love your garden! Especially the lavender...it's so pretty. Glad to hear your baby is doing great {and can't wait to hear her name when she's born!} :)

  2. Oh wow! You only just now got to hear the heartbeat? They must do things differently there because they check the heartbeat as early as six weeks along here and then again at every single appointment. I remember the first time I got to hear my little ones heartbeat... I just started laughing and laughing. I was just soo filled with joy! What an amazing experience it is to get to hear a heartbeat before the baby is even fully developed and born!

    And jealous of your garden! I would love to have one but we live in the woods and it's all shade. But even if we had sun I am certain I would kill everything I planted. I'm absolutely horrible with growing things!

  3. the flowers look so lovely. so happy to hear the baby is a-okay. hearing the heartbeat is so amazing and reassuring.

  4. We did the same thing when my daughter was carrying her last baby. It was a blessing to just be reassured. We went to a graduation where there wasn't air condition and it was hot! We appreciated the air condition at the open house more than we would have.