Ten Reasons to Love Pregnancy

I remember reading a couple of blogs at the beginning of this year from women who spoke continually about how wonderful pregnancy was. In between hanging my head down the toilet bowl and laying utterly exhausted in bed I remember thinking ‘HOW CAN ANYONE EVER THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA?!’. I don’t think I ever believed them that you could feel great in pregnancy.
Well, I’m sorry; I’m turning into one of those sickly women who keeps raving on about how amazing pregnancy is.
Sorry if it makes you want to gouge my eyes out...but I do want to remember this time in my life and what a blessing this pregnancy has been. Sure – sometimes I feel a bit ill, tired or achy but the privilege of carrying our little daughter far out ways any discomfort I may feel.
10 reasons I love being pregnant:
1) Although I never believed it would come I can confirm that the ‘bloom’ does exist! Generally I feel great! My hair and my skin are good and people keep telling me I have a glow!
Interesting fact: did you know during pregnancy hardly any of your hair falls out? That’s why it looks all thick and lustrous!
2. I love my bump! To be honest my body changing has freaked me out a little as I’ve always been really slim and had a flat stomach, but it’s exciting to know that our little baby is growing daily and it’s nice to actually look pregnant.
3. Everyone loves a pregnant lady! People want to talk baby stuff and are just generally kinder and more considerate. As long as you can let the advice and baby/birth horror stories wash over your head it’s great!

4. I love having something to look forward to. Until I found out I was pregnant I felt a bit purposeless in Cardiff, especially as my job isn’t very interesting. Now I’ve got something to work towards and can see more of God’s plan for our life here. It’s much easier to settle in with that in mind.
5. We just feel incredibly blessed by God. Pregnancy is an amazing way of focussing your eyes on God and his sovereignty and goodness. I mean, a human being is growing inside of me and I’m not doing anything to control it...my body just does its thing! God’s creation is awesome.
6. One of my favourite parts of pregnancy has been seeing Josh getting ready to be a daddy. I love seeing the excitement on his face when he feels the baby kicks, or when he bought the Moses basket. He has been so amazing to me during pregnancy and he’s looked after me so well and loved me unconditionally even when I was really ill and couldn’t do anything. I love to see how our marriage has progressed in the last few years and what a Godly leader he has become. I know he will make a great father.
7. It has been a real blessing to stumble upon several blogs of pregnant ladies due around the same time as me recently. It’s good to see what we’re each going through and offer support to each other. I’m also loving the new followers that have stopped by in the last few weeks, especially you mamas who have offered me advice about various things. If you’re new and stopping by make sure you say hello in the comments!

8. I like having an excuse for afternoon naps. ‘nough said.
9.  At the beginning of pregnancy I was despairing at my diet. I always imagined I’d switch to super healthy organic eating as soon as I got pregnant but it didn’t quite work out like that with my horrific morning sickness. I don’t think I saw anything fresh for weeks!
Although my diet still isn’t perfect I’ve managed to settle into a better routine now and I’m trying to make sure I get my 5+ fruit and veg a day. It’s nice to have the motivation to cook a healthy meal even when I feel like I’d rather just have a piece of toast, or to say no to too much added sugar. I definitely feel better for it and hope it’s benefitting our little one.
10.  I love seeing God’s provision. I feel like it’s become my unofficial mission to get as many baby bargains as we can. I don’t want it to sound like we’re being really tight towards our unborn child – of course I want her to have the best – I just hate all the commercialisation around pregnancy and babies. There’s so much pressure to have all the gadgets and I’m sure it’s all totally unnecessary. We’ve already seen God’s provision so much in this pregnancy (a £100 Moses basket for £18; hello!) and so we’re trusting him on providing the stuff we really need rather than getting caught up in what the magazines tell us is essential.


  1. I love this! I agree that it's nice having something to look forward to...and plan for. Plus, the time has been flying by (at least for me). :)

  2. Lovely post! It makes me want to be pregnant again. I really loved being pregnant (even with the sickies and heartburn and constant peeing!) You have the right attitude when it comes to the baby gear. It's VERY commercialized and you need to be picky about what you get. Good for you!!

  3. When it came to the baby/birth horror stories I would say with a great big smile "Well! I'm glad that YOUR story doesn't have to be mine." People got the point and stopped telling those stories. :)