Some thoughts on crime

I hope this isn't too deep for a Wednesday morning but I just watched a program on the BBC called ‘Our Crimes: Attacks’ and my heart is aching now.
The series is about teenagers who commit crimes in Britain, and this episode focused on unprovoked attacks captured on camera (mobile and CCTV); from ‘harmless’ happy-slapping to more sinister knife attacks.
I cried as I watched it. My heart aches for the victims who have suffered violence and lost loved ones but my heart also aches for the young people of our country too.
Where is the love?
Where is the community?
Where is the respect?
How has our society got so depraved that anyone can think it’s okay to assault an elderly woman in her own home just because she asked you to stop vandalising her property? Or to hit a total stranger in the head in the middle of a crowded street just for a laugh?
It’s hard to find the words to express the sadness in my soul that so many families are broken and so many children are growing up without knowing that God loves them and has a good plan for them.
A question on the BBC website asked readers to state whether they agreed with this statement:
“We should condemn a little more and understand a little less”
What would be your answer?

I certainly feel that our society suffers from a lack of boundaries. People should be punished more and should be taught more discipline from an earlier age. It is not okay to have no respect for those around you. It is not okay to be selfish. It is not okay just to do something or take something because you want to regardless of how it affects someone else.
But it’s deeper than that. Until we love each other and serve each other out of that love how can we ever truly build community? The bible says that God IS love; not that God is LOVING, but that God IS love. So until we have God in our society then our society will remain broken.
But I still feel so overwhelmed. It’s so scary to be bringing a child into this world not knowing what the future brings. What will they be taught in school? What lies will our culture teach our children? How can I teach my child about God?
And what can we do about the bigger picture? I feel such a burden for those that don’t know that they’re loved…especially young people that have been let down when they needed help the most, those that have been taught badly and don’t know any different. But what can I do?
In our bible study yesterday we talked about how it’s God that is in control. Even when we feel like it’s us doing the work it’s not really; people can’t truly understand God without him revealing himself to them. All I can do is pray, listen to God and try and show his love in any way I can.
What do you think? Have you got any ideas on how our societies can be changed?


  1. Ooh, I watched one of the programmes from that series, it was about mugging and it left me utterly infuriated. The whole situation just makes me feel helpless. I don't know what the answer is, but I'm sure that treating everyone as you wish to be treated yourself is the best (only?) way we can make a daily difference. And in terms of your daughter, as long as you love her and teach her the meaning (and importance) of respect, I'm sure she can't go too far wrong :)

  2. Hmm, that's a tough question - I agree, I think more punishments for actual crimes would be a good thing, so in a way "condemning a little more", but I don't really think we should "understand a little less" - I think it would just be good if the understanding for these kids came before they actually committed a crime. That largely comes from having a good parent relationship though, which alot of kids don't have these days, and it's sad.

  3. Families are broken, the nuclear and the extended - the support networks are non existent for many of these kids. When you look at the major changes over the last 50 years one change that I believe is key to the breakdown of family is that both parents work, they often work long hours into the evening and at weekends. As a society we have pushed and promoted this when the truth is that children need their parents to be there - it isn't important which parent but it is a parent who needs to take them to school and when they get home from school a parent needs to be there - and at the assemblies and coffee mornings and sports days..... but those involved in the debate are often working women - who are never going to say that it would be better for my child if I were at home. (sorry for the rant)