Nursery and storage advice needed

Did anyone else find when they got pregnant that they lost all motivation?
I’m finding it so frustrating because before I got pregnant I could motivate myself to structure my days even when I wasn’t working and things got done, but now I just lose interest in things so quickly and I seem to waste massive chunks of time.
This weekend I forced myself to tackle some of the jobs that have been looming over my head for months; namely starting the process of converting our spare room/Josh's-man-cave from junk-dumping-area into a nursery.

I’m too ashamed to post the other 'before' picture I took of the room because I have literally just been shoving things in there to ‘get it out the way’ since I was feeling really ill at the beginning of the year and the photo looks even worse that it actually was!
It got to the stage where I was getting slightly hysterical at the mess.
Not only was I facing short-term issues like the fact all our paper-work was in a complete jumble (it felt so satisfying to re-order my filing cabinet!) I also can’t stop thinking about the fact that in a couple of months all of the stuff has to have been moved somewhere else in order to make space for the baby. (There's a desk and filing cabinet around the corner, as well as clothes horses, an iron and board and other general mess).
I know things will have to change when the baby comes along and keeping a tidy, ordered house is not going to be one of my top priorities, but it doesn’t change the fact; I hate clutter. It stresses me out, and I don’t want to feel frustrated in my own home.
I’ve been scouring Pinterest and Ikea.com for storage ideas, and I’m already starting ruthlessly sorting out our possessions ready for a huge purge before the baby arrives.
I’m already thinking this shelf:

Source: ikea.com via Rachel on Pinterest

...with coloured plastic storage boxes could be quite good for the baby’s room as it's more versatile than having a chest of drawers as it can be converted into a bookshelf, or toy storage etc later on.
Source: ikea.com via Rachel on Pinterest

I also really want a nursing chair, but that will take up even more space.
Source: ikea.com via Rachel on Pinterest

Anyway…my main reason for this post (before I starting blathering on) was to ask for your advice…
1. Do you have a designated ‘office’ space in your home? If not, how/where do you store your incoming mail, paperwork and stationery etc.?
2. Is a changing table necessary for a nursery? How useful are they? Could we just get away with using a portable mat on the floor? We do have room for one at a push (and we’ve been offered one for free), but if it’s not necessary then it would make space easier.
3.This might sound like a stupid question…but do you think we need hanging space for baby clothes? We don’t really have room for a wardrobe and I was hoping we could get away with putting everything in storage drawers…but maybe a hanging rail would be a more economic use of space?
4. What’s your best storage tip for your home?
5. Are you a hoarder, or do you love to have clutter free spaces around you?
Thanks for your advice guys! I look forward to hearing from you :)


  1. Hi Rach,
    I decluttered majorly when I moved from the country to town.
    1. Office space is now a table 28" long 20" deep, with a 2 drawer cabinet60" tall next to it. The bottom of the cabinet is for files and the top for things like appliance instructions etc.The printer is on top of it. Beyond these two I have a small set of plastic container drawers for stationery, a4 paper, pens, rulers, sellotape etc. That was a really good buy.

    I open the mail over the shredder, so that anything not important gets shredded straight away. I keep [for example] 7 years' worth of bank statements but shred the oldest one when I add the newest year so that it is perpetually kept current and doesn't grow in size.

    2. I'd've thought not. A friend's toddler pulled the changing table over with the baby on it when mum turned to pick up a clean nappy. I would stick with the floor or say, the top of the washing machine with the mat on it, for example

    3. No. Drawers much easier for little things, i think.

    4.if it's got a home, put it away.

    5. Dreadful hoarder, but learnt the hard way to be more clutter free!! If I buy something, something has to go.

    Jean M.

  2. Hi there Rachel,

    Thinking of you and enjoying your blog as we wait for our little one to arrive. I'm going to come back on here and see what other people write, because I'm interested in their answers to your questions too!

    We're still living in a one bedroom flat and so we've done lots of thinking about how to fit baby things. We also have a cat, so it will be a tight squeeze with the four of us.

    1. No office space - we have a designated shelf of the bookcase for 'dumping' paperwork, books, mags and mail that is currently in use, like a large in tray. We have two stationary drawers, and a two drawer filing cabinet. This works well for us, but means we have to go through the stuff on the shelf regularly and file or chuck. Of course, Andrew has an office at work so we're not needing a place for all his work stuff too.

    2.We have a change table in our bedroom/nursrey, and while we haven't used it yet, it seems like a great place for storing nappies, a baby bath, wraps etc. We can only fit that and a small chest of drawers for the baby clothes.

    3. We don't have room for hanging space, but it would be a good idea I reckon, so that you can see all the baby clothes at a glance and pick what you need...

    4.Give stuff away - books, clothes, recycle. Stack your CDs vertically, or put them away in a box if you only use mp3 players. Put linen in vaccume pack bags, and store under the bed or lounge. I'm not great at organising, but I try!

    5.I like clutter free...but I'm lazy. For example I shove stuff in the filing cabinet without properly filing. Eeek!

  3. Hey, I dont have an answer to all your questions cuz Im on my phone but will answer them later. I do however, have a nursing chair that Im going to get rid of if youre interested.... Its cream so a bit grubby from a toddler, I can send you a pic if you want. Its nowhere near as pretty as that one though. Its a gliding one rather than a rocking one.... Let me know if youre interested. Lauren S

  4. Hi Rachel, we don't have an office as there isn't enough room with the baby! We tend to store our paperwork in a draw3er in the kitchen. A changing table certainly isn't needed, we change riley's nappy on the floor as there is no risk of him falling, to begin with change baby on the bed so that u don't need to bend over. We have a wardrobe but I think u can get away with not having one.
    Try not to worry to much about the clutter to begin with as all your time will be taken up with getting to know your little one, enjoy every moment and try to sleep when they do.
    Good luck, Sam x

  5. I lost ALL motivation as well...so once I hit 14 weeks this past weekend I had a bout of motivation and took advantage of it. I started cleaning and organizing our little office room that will be the baby's room when it comes. What a chore! I feel like such a hoarder sometimes...and I just want to GET RID of stuff. Because, I feel like half of the stuff that is laying around, I won't miss if I sell/give it away. So I am working on that :)

  6. they eventually take over!! Have you thought of making your downstairs front into office/music room? The ikea unit is great we have several - one advantage is that when baby toddles you can have it on it's side so she can reach stuff herself! little dresses quickly become bigger dresses - it's worth thinking about hanging space now if you don't want to have to change the furniture later - ikeas wardrobes offer flexibility. have you thought of an over the cot change mat - takes up less room? - though we stored all the nappy stuff on ours so wasn't wasted space and I much preferred it to the floor but it's personal choice! but most of all start getting used to the idea of mess - cos mini mess makers make a lot of it!!!!
    Have fun sorting
    love Su

  7. Oh boy. Isn't that the hardest thing ever? Cleaning out our clutter so a little one can clutter it up again :)

    I have a 4 bedroom house, so for now, we have an office. When we move, if we have 3 bedrooms, we'll still have an office, so I can't help you there.

    i found a changing table necessary for us. If I had a changing-table-height dresser, I would have used that instead, but I definitely wanted something to store our diapers in (cloth)and be high enough to change him in the middle of the night without thinking about it (i.e. pulling out a pad and laying him on the floor). Plus, I hate getting down and up off the floor. :) As long as you have a basket or shelf for the lotions/powders(i recommend cornstarch for non-yeast rashes)/medicines/wipes/stuff you'll be fine wherever I'm sure.

    I had a boy and could have done without hanging his dress clothes, but I've never had to deal with dresses. But, since they're small enough, I'm sure you could lay them out flat or folded over once in a drawer and be fine.

    I used to be a bit of a hoarder, but then we wanted to sell our house. So everything got trashed or donated and it feels SO GOOD! I figured out what I really could live without and opened up so much space in our place. Of course, I cheated a bit and hid boxes in the basement. But a LOT of stuff went out our doors these last few months. :)

    The big thing is knowing that you'll figure out your routine and rhythm when your baby arrives. They take no space at all in the beginning though they have a TON of stuff...makes no sense, but you really can get by with what you have to instead of what you want to. Ya know? Good luck!! Try not to stress too much :)

  8. my uncle has twins and no changing table. He does it on the kitchen table. Don't do that its gross.

  9. Your blog is darling! we are having a baby september 3rd!!! our first! ah so exciting! I love keeping up with pregnant cute girls!! xoxo

  10. Hey Rachel! Oh wow do I ever know what it's like to tackle a cluttery spare room mid-pregnancy! Our spare room was way worse, I mean it. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel, I promise :)

    1. We don't have a designated office space, not enough room here really. But I do have a little chest of drawers that I keep stationary/postage stamps/cards/envelopes and other random junk in. We have a couple file storage boxes that we keep important papers in.

    2. Changing tables are totally not necessary. We have one but only used it for 8-ish months (now it's covered in piles of clothes that need to be put away haha...clutter). You could definitely get away with a portable mat on the floor. If you wanted to maximize space but still have a place to change baby above the floor you could always put a mat on top of a dresser. Many moms around here just do that instead of buying a changing table.

    3. A hanging rail could be a good idea, because you will probably have a few fancy baby dresses that you might want to hang up. But like other ladies have said baby clothes are so small that you can probably fold them away no problem.

    4. I guess my best storage tip would be to find storage items that multitask! Also, open topped storage bins are fantastic for toys, but from my experience I wouldn't recommend them for storing clothes. I had been storing my baby's clothes in cute fabric bins, but when she learned to walk I spent a good part of every day re-folding clothes that she would continuously dump out of the bins in her reach. Finally I couldn't take it anymore so I just ended up getting some cute plastic storage totes with clip tops (we didn't have room to purchase a dresser with drawers).

    5. I'm somewhere in between a hoarder and a clutter-hater, probably leaning more towards clutter-hating now that we have a kid. Once our baby started crawling and walking I became more vigilant about keeping on top of clutter!

  11. Ok, not going to read the other comments, so take my advice as you need. :)

    I know many who change their babies on the floor. I'd think it would be tough at first to get yourself down there, so maybe just use a dresser in the beginning, but eventually I see all moms make their way on the ground to change diapers (as the baby gets older).

    I have an extra room that I use for my office but without making it official. I store all my stuff in there, while filing bills and such elsewhere. Its an odd system I have.

    I'm not a hoarder at all. I prefer a clutter free zone!!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  12. You don't necessarily need a changing table but I find it very helpful. Especially since my girl is so fast and refuses to stay still. If we were on the floor she would take off in no time. I think you would need a hanging rod for some of the fancier outfits.
    As far as paperwork and incoming mail, we try to stay on top of it. As soon as it comes, i throw away what I don't need and keep the bills in a multi-folder basket. It saves a ton of space and it keeps everything very organized.
    I hope that helps :-) Good luck girly!

  13. It looks like you two are in a space predicament with a baby coming. I think you should try getting a storage shed if you need a lot more space. If you can manage to get creative, you can find ways to store more things in your house. Maybe you could try implementing and hanging shelves around your house.
    Jayden Eden | http://www.accessministorage.ca/storage.html