Five Fact Friday

I am so glad it’s Friday! This week has just been one of those weeks and I’ll be glad to sweep it under the carpet and start afresh, and hopefully be a bit more productive next week!
1. Josh was away for the first half of the week at the Holy Trinity Brompton leadership conference in London. It was great for him as they had awesome and inspiring speakers (like Rick Warren) and great worship, but sad for me because we missed him!
I ended up staying up pretty late because I don’t really like sleeping without Josh there (I get paranoid about every creak and noise) which totally wiped my pathetic pregnancy body out and I’ve felt exhausted.
2. Due to exhaustion it seems like baby-brain has hit majorly this week. I have just been out of it! As a result I’ve achieved practically nothing of worth and have made some stupid mistakes. I made sure I had a massive meaty meal last night and took my pregnancy vitamins (which I always forget to take) and feel a lot better today. If you treat your body right it’ll perform right!
3. Every week when I walk to work on a Friday I see a guy lying in the middle of the park and every single time I think ARGH! THERE’S A DEAD PERSON! He’s actually just stretching for exercise but it still freaks me out.
4. We watched the film Machine Gun Preacher last night and I would recommend it if you’re looking for a film to watch. It’s based on the true story of Sam Childers who turned away from a life of drugs and crime when he became a Christian and built an orphanage in Sudan for children affected by the work of the LRA.
Be warned it’s got quite a bit of swearing and violence in it (it’s a 15 – but I thought it should be an 18), but as it’s based on real life events I don’t think it’s right to shy away from the horrific things that are happening every single day just because it might offend my sensibilities.  
It touches on some really interesting discussion points such as whether it is right to use violence against violence, and it really highlights the differences between how we live in the West compared to the struggles faced in Africa. It makes me feel sick when I think of all the money I waste on pointless, selfish rubbish when you realise how far it could go to supporting others.
Don’t watch it if you don’t want to be challenged. I dreamt about the orphaned kids last night and my heart is hurting today.
5. I think that’s all for now...what are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I'm glad it's Friday, too! And I'm not pregnant but I could really do with eating some proper, healthy food this weekend - I've had a brilliantly busy week butit's meant lots of grabbing take-away or pre-packaged food on the go (I've lost count of how many sandwiches I've bought this week!). I know what you mean about feeling guilty about wasting money - I'm usually so frugal with mine, expecially when it comes to food - so this week has put me right off balance.

    The film sounds excellent! I avoided it because of the silly title but I didn't realise it was a serius film!

    Hope your hubby's home soome and looking after you :)

  2. I love this post - hilarious about the guy in the park :) you're so sweet. Glad Josh is back with you. Keep taking your vitamins Mrs Maynard! Lots of love xxx