Domestic Goddess Fail

Does anyone know how to clean out a front loading washing machine that has gone all scummy and mouldy inside?

Apparently I don’t…

I’ve read on several websites that putting bleach in on an (empty) hot cycle can clean out the inside of the machine and stop everything smelling but when I came down into the kitchen I found my machine making a strange noise and everything overflowing with bubbles!
Thankfully I found it before they started coming out onto the floor…!
I managed to bail out the excess and put salt into the drum and the draw which helped the bubbles to subside, but I had to do several rinse cycles before the machine was clear.

It was all fairly hilarious, but I won’t be repeating the procedure.
Does anyone have any tips for cleaning your machine without causing a minor flood?


  1. Yes I do, simply some spoons of bicarbonate of soda. Put a couple of teaspoons in your drawer and about a table spoon in the drum, hot wash.

    Love Han : ) xxx

  2. OH MY!!!! That could have been a much bigger mess!!!! Was that the rinse cycle? I was just wondering if it was still "bleachy" water?

  3. Uh oh... lol :) at least it didn't flood the kitchen!

  4. How to prevent it going smelly in the first place - two things. First - do not use only low temperature, bio washing powder/capsules. At least once a week use a non-bio powder, on a 60 degree wash (say, for towels). Washing machines need hot washes. Second - when not using the washing machine, never shut the door. Keep the door just ajar - it needs air!