Baby clothes advice needed!

We got given lots of baby clothes on Sunday.

They’re all so beautiful!

and delicate!

and small!

and cute!
and the shoes…oh the shoes! I can’t wait to nibble on little feet that are small enough to fit into these…

On a practical note, when I ask how many baby clothes I’ll need to get for a newborn people keep saying “oh loads! – they go through lots in a day”, but in your experience how much is that in reality? I’ve got 9 sleep suits and 14 baby grows and a few other random tshirts etc. I expect we’ll be given quite a bit more when the baby arrives…how much did you start off with? Should I just wait and buy stuff as we need it?

Any advice gratefully received!


  1. Hi Rach, I would seriously start low! The reason why is that you have no idea what size your baby will be and people often make the mistake of buying too many clothes and too small a size. You will be bought loads of clothes when the baby is born and these will compliment what you already have. As you have rightly mentioned babies do go through clothes often due to being sick etc but i found that mine were mostly in baby grows in the day in the house and then something nice to go out in. In the end i found clothes that we had been given that were never worn because either they were too small by the time they got to wear them or we just simply had too many... Same with nappies...dont stock up too much on a small size!

  2. hi - what you have sounds fine to start with - depending on their size? define sleepsuits v babygro's? we started with 2 sets of 7 vests and two sets of 7 babygrows then the day after each were born we bought them a pretty dress each - this was more for our benifit than theirs as almost all of their things were hand me downs (but absolutely lovely) it was kind of a treat to buy them something each. September could go either way weather wise so you will need to think about cardigans and a warm coat - we had all in one outdoor coat - great for the winter and you need a hat for the hospital as well as outdoors.
    Babies leak both ends and mine often needed a complete change - but you will get given stuff - shops such as mothercare are very good at swopping sizes even on gifts so if you end up with a whole heap of newborn babygro's you can swop them for bigger ones! It's aslo worth checking the size in relation to season - if the pretty summer dress will fit baby in feb you may end up never using it so it's worth thinking about exchanging those too.
    The little things are v.cute - but don't forget socks or tights (evil things!) even if the weather is warm. - advantage of babygros - no lost socks ar fiddly tights!
    love Su

  3. OH!!! Those clothes are so cute!! I think babies in footed onesies are the best!! They make me just want to cuddle them!!! :)

  4. Onesies and footed pajamas were my favorite for the newborn days. If you can, snag some from a secondhand store, because they'll probably get stained (messy babies!). I agree to start low, babies grow SO FAST, especially in the first six months so sometimes you shuffle through clothing sizes faster than you can wear all of them!

  5. P.S. The tights with the roses and rabbit on the bum are THE CUTEST!

  6. I can't really offer any advice...since I'm not a mom....but those clothes sure are cute! ;)

  7. These are so adorable! I am currently buying baby clothes and furniture etc ready for my baby when they come along :) I cant wait, it will be my first!!