Last weekend we travelled to Somerset to visit Longleat Safari park with our friend Steve, who had kindly offered to give us a day out there as a congratulations-on-being-pregnant gift.

It was AWESOME! We had such a good time.

It’s unlike any zoo we have ever been to before because the whole premise of the park is that the animals run free while it’s the humans that are caged (in their cars).  Even in the parts where you walk around most of the exhibits were very interactive and you were inside the enclosures with the animals instead of just trying to spot them through glass.
Some of the highlights included:
Getting friendly with some Rainbow Lorikeets, and other more slithery characters…
IMG_9347 IMG_9359 IMG_9269 IMG_9262
The bat cave. This was seriously awesome as we were actually able to enter the bat cave where the bats were swooping and flying right around us…as in close enough to touch your hair as they went by. Loved it.
DSC 2698
Photo by Steve
DSC 2565
Photo from Steve
Hunters of the Sky bird display. This is hands-down the best bird display I have ever been to. Not only did they have more unusual birds to show us (read: vultures) but they got them to fly really close to the audience (you had to duck not to get hit in the head by them). At one point we had about five vultures and five black kites all swooping around to the stands at the same time.
IMG_9292 IMG_9301
The main event of the day though was the ride around the Safari Park. Steve had booked us to go on a VIP van with a tour guide which made the whole experience a hundred times better than it would have been in our own car.
DSC 2798
Photo from Steve
DSC 2807
DSC 2814
Photo from Steve
DSC 2831
Photo from Steve
Not only did the guide give us information about every animal we saw, but he also took us ‘off road’ to get really close to the animals. I even got to scratch a giraffe!

After we left the park we travelled the short distance to my Sister’s house and spent the rest of the weekend seeing her family and some of Josh’s too. It was such a great couple of days…a big thank you again to Steve for his generosity. I had fun!


  1. You are more than welcome Rach, I enjoyed it!

    SOrry I had to dash off so quickly though!

  2. That looks like a REALLY great trip!! Y'all must have gotten super close to the animals to get pictures like that...even if you were using a zoom lens!

    Have a great day!

  3. Yes - we've been twice, and always thought how good it would be to be in one of those ranger vans that is driving right up to the tigers that are sitting as far away from the road as possible...but you would have missed out to the audio CD with Kate Humble ... "you are now entering the lion enclosure...switch off now and resume playing when you enter the ..." we've still got ours and the girls still listen to it - even when we're driving along the M4!

  4. That looks like a really good fun day :) love the picture with the parrots and the ones of the lion and tiger are stunning.

  5. That looks like a ton of fun. That first picture of you is priceless. I love it.