Life randoms!

We've been pretty busy in the last couple of weeks and although I have lots of photos and posts to share I just haven't got round to writing anything...so I'm just going to bundle it all in one massive condensed post or I'll never get round to it!
1. We had lunch with two Arch-Bishops and Josh is on holiday

Josh had his end of term service two Sundays ago at his college and we got to meet the (soon to be ex-) Arch Bishop of Canterbury (and also the Arch Bishop of Wales) which was exciting. Josh is now on his Easter break and the end of the Academic year is looming. Although he still has quite a few essays and exams to finish before May I cannot believe our first year of college is nearly over. It's gone so quickly!

2. We planted our garden!
The weather has been fab the last couple of weeks so we finally went to the garden centre to get some plants for our garden which has been bare up until now.

It was kind of hilarious because neither Josh or I know anything about gardening so we just wandered around and picked up things we liked the look of! We mostly got shrubs which will grow quickly and cover the space (we're only there for another 2 1/2 year so we didn't waste money on slow growing things), but splashed out on one ornamental tree which will hopefully provide some shelter for the birds which are currently completely ignoring our snazzy new feeder.
Josh also dug an old sink into the ground and created a little pond - he's currently obsessing about getting some frogs in it, but I don't know if it will happen this year!

3. We've been to Devon
Considering I've been lying in bed for the most part of the last 3 months I don't really feel like I can complain about being exhausted. However, I do feel like being really sick (and losing a stone) has taken it out of me and I'm probably more worn out than I think.
We have spent the last five days in Devon staying with my family and it's been lovely to get away from our house, eat some nice food (we ended up eating out nearly every day!), get out into the countryside and spend quality time with family and friends. I'm only sad we couldn't have stayed longer but I'm back at work today; boo.

Last Saturday I ate a picnic and then lay on a rock in the middle of Dartmoor soaking in the sight, smell and sound of it all. Oh, it was good and I miss it.

5. I bought maternity clothes
I’m currently in the stage of pregnancy where my trousers are definitely too tight to wear but maternity trousers are a little too big. Either that or I just haven’t found any trousers that fit me right yet (it’s all a bit confusing).
Anyway, I had a lovely day out with my Mum the other day and we furnished my maternity wardrobe, which is very exciting – I just need to grow into it all now.
Also, even though mine are a little baggy I have to say that maternity trousers are soooooo comfy! I don't know why people don't wear them all the time...especially perfect if you're planning to eat a big meal!!
6. Lots of exciting things to come...
Josh still has two weeks of holiday left and we’ve got lots of exciting things planned with more family visits, a week with friends in North Wales and a VIP trip round Longleat Safari Park (SO EXCITED). I’ll be blogging about it all soon!


  1. Wow you've got a lot going on right now!
    I've been thinking about a little garden for our balcony (we live in an apartment so don't have a yard) but I seriously know nothing about gardening. Even still you've inspired me to look into it :)

  2. Love that Countryside! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  3. So fun to find your blog:) My husband and I (from California) are coming over to the UK at the end of this month to travel! Thanks for sharing some of your life in Wales, so amazing and beautiful! Love Katie