Gender Reveal...what do you think?

We’re going for our twenty week scan on Monday and hopefully we’ll be finding out the gender of our little baby! So excited!
There was never any discussion about whether we would find out the gender – we both really wanted to know from the start – but it seems like some people have some really strong views about NOT finding out and keep telling us we should have it as a surprise!
Part of me doesn’t want to announce the gender publically on my blog and start talking about the baby as a boy and a girl just for those people who DON’T want to know, but as we’re happy to tell anyone who asks us directly I think everyone will find out on the grapevine anyway....ahh – it’s hard keeping everyone happy!
So, some questions for you;
1. What do you think? Is it a
or a
2. Do you think we should publically announce the gender or just let people ask if they want to know?
{Make sure you include your email address in the comments and I’ll let you know the gender on Monday if you’re interested!}
While we’re really excited about the scan, part of me is apprehensive too. I’ve been trying to trust that God is in control of this pregnancy but sometimes little thoughts creep into my mind about what the scan might show up and whether our baby will be healthy.
BUT God has promised that he has a plan and that all his ways work out for good so we just have to trust that he has his hand on our baby and on our lives whatever happens. I’m grateful for the peace that this thought brings me.
I'll update you with all the news next week :)


  1. Thanks For visiting my neck the woods the other day. So many people guessed girl on my belly and it ended up being a boy. I will not venture a guess but say good luck:-) its such an Exciting time/ yes hubby can feel the baby's kicks:-)

  2. I'm gonna put my money on a boy. You should do what you feel is right. If you would like to share, share. It's your pregnancy, your baby and your decision! Good luck for Monday!!!

  3. Oh, that's hard - I think in going to go with girl! I can't wait to heat what the baby is when you find out!

  4. I definitely want to know!! :)
    I'm going to say...boy.

    Also, if you both want to do a gender reveal- DO IT! This is your special time- make it everything you've dreamed of, Miss! :)

    Eat Cake

  5. We found out with Sophie and Annie but didn't tell it was kinda nice having something that was just for us ... but if you,re telling we def. want to know!!!

  6. Announce for sure! There are so many fun ways to announce the sex of babies! I wish I'd thought of it, but I was just so excited I called everyone up! Good luck!

  7. I still think its funny people don't want you to tell them. haha
    so I say for those, just say that the baby was turned and you couldn't tell. ;) Then it won't bug them that you know...ok, yes yes that's lying. haha

    I'm all for finding out. I'll never ever ever wait to be 'surprised' i'm a planner so I'd never wait. I say announce if you want or just email people if you think that would go over smoother. :)
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  8. I guess you've probably already found out by now! We found out, and I'm SO glad we did. It just makes it so much more special knowing whether it's a little boy or a girl. It would be fun to be surprised, but you're surprised at the ultrasound anyway!

  9. It seems people love to impose their own opinions on pregnancy and child-rearing at EVERY opportunity! I say, it's your baby and if you want to know then go for it! And if somebody finds out who didn't want to, then they'll perhaps be disappointed for a minute or two....then they'll go back to their own lives and probably forget about it until your baby's born!

    You can't please everybody, do it your own way!