Excitable Pregnancy Update!

We bought our first proper item for the baby today…and it was an absolute bargain!

Josh rang me yesterday in a state of excitement as he had been tipped off that there was a good quality Mamas and Papas Moses basket going cheap in a local charity shop.  Unfortunately I had accidently taken Josh’s wallet shopping with me so he couldn’t buy it but thankfully it was still there this morning when he went back.

I hadn’t seen it in the shop so I was super excited when I got back from bible study this morning to find it all set out…and in great condition!
IMG_9369 IMG_9373

It came with a rocker, detachable hood and blanket {and the person in the shop even threw in a little cuddly toy!} I can’t believe our baby is going to be sleeping in this in four and a half months….eeek!
The whole thing was only £18 and having looked online I think it’s worth at least £50. We’re so grateful for God’s provision as we don’t want to spend too much on baby things…especially when you can get things like this in pristine condition for knocked down prices!
The baby has started kicking around in the last week and Josh felt it kick for the first time on Saturday which has made it all a bit more real and we’re both getting really excited. I just feel so joyful at this new life, and I love seeing how Josh is getting all excited about things too. Now the sickness is mostly gone I love being pregnant…I can’t wait to hold our little one!
Here’s a random update on other things -

How Far Along:  I’m 19 weeks and two days. My bump has basically only appeared in the last two weeks but now seems to expand by the hour!
Baby Size: It is around 15.3cm (head to bottom) and weighs about 240g.
Maternity Clothes? I've bought a few maternity tops from Next and Debenhams and 3 pairs of maternity trousers. I can't wear normal trousers now without it being really uncomfy but I've been wearing dresses and leggings which I had pre-pregnancy.
I'm finding it hard because I have always been slim and most of my clothes are quite fitted which means that I now look like I'm bursting out of everything! However I can't afford to buy a whole new maternity wardrobe so I guess I'll just have to find a way!

Sleep: I'm already finding sleeping a little uncomfortable so I'm dreading what it'll be like later on! I often wake up with aches and pains but I'm finding a pillow between the knees and under the bump helps some.
Miss Anything? I'm actually not missing much at the moment. I found out that I can eat some of the cheeses that I previously thought were off the menu which made me happy!
Movement: I've been feeling flutterings for a few weeks now but in the last week they turned into gentle thumps and now they're definite kicks! They get stronger every day which just shows how quickly the baby is growing.  I haven’t really got used to it yet and it makes me jump when a big ones comes…but I just love feeling the baby move and knowing it’s dancing around in there!
Food Cravings: The other day I was really hungry and had a huge craving for a plate of rice, sweet and sour hong kong chicken, crispy schezuan beef, vegetable chow mein and piles of prawn crackers but because it was 10.30 at night I could do nothing about it! Nightmare! Haven't had any cravings for weird things though...
Anything making you queasy or sick? If I get too hungry I still get sick, which means I have to be careful about carrying enough food around with me if I'm going out. A few things in our house still make me sick if I even think about them which is completely phycological! I still find it hard to do much in the kitchen, but it's getting better.
Generally I love being pregnant...I keep getting these waves of happiness, peace and wellbeing which feel almost more physical than mental so I don't know if that's caused by pregnancy or not. It's nice whatever it is! Perhaps it's the 'bloom'?!?
Gender: We’ll be finding out NEXT MONDAY!
Belly button in or out? Still in - phew!
Wedding rings on or off? My hand size doesn't seem to have changed yet, so they're still on.
Looking forward to: The scan next Monday and finding out the gender!


  1. Love the baby bump! Congratulations guys! :D

  2. What a cute pregnant lady you are!!!

  3. Hey, I have LOADS of maternity clothes that are gonna go in the attic or got rid of soon, if you will be coming this way soon let me know and ill put the best bits aside for you, if not send me your address and ill post you a few things. Love Lauren S xxx

  4. How exciting! and you look wonderful!!
    Love the baby bump!

  5. That is the sweetest Moses basket, your baby will looks adorable all bundled up in there. And what a good deal!

    You are the cutest little pregnant lady ever! Have you ever heard of the Bella Band? I think they might sell them in the UK, pretty sure, but they are a lifesaver when your shirts start getting too short but you want to keep wearing them. They're easy to make at home if you know how to do some basic sewing. Here's a good tutorial:


  6. Love all the baby things! So cute!

    And your baby bump is adorable! Glad you are feeling good and enjoying this pregnancy. Very exciting!

  7. Yay, how exciting for you!! :) Can't wait to find out what you're having?! Have a hope either way?

    1. Yes we both want to find out and we both think it's a boy - not sure why! We'll see on Monday :)

  8. Just letting you know that I nominated you for the Libester Award!

  9. The baby bed is adorable! Congratulations! Thank you for your comment!

  10. I too find the baby bed very very cute! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog! Looking forward to exploring and reading more of yours!!

  11. Awe, the baby basket is so sweet! :)
    I will be excited to find out if it's a boy or girl!!!

  12. Ooooh, look at that bump! :o)