You've got mail {or you will have}

I am loving blogging more than ever recently. It’s so useful to keep up to date with friends and I love journaling our daily adventures so I can look back and remember what’s been happening.
Most of all though I love hearing from you guys through comments. I love to hear what you think, and I love catching up with other blogs too.

If you’ve commented on Dreaming of the Country you’ll notice that I normally respond to your comment by email. I want you to know that I value your thoughts and I want to respond and get conversation going, but who has time to go back to old posts to check whether the author has replied to your comment? Email is a great way of keeping in touch instead.
However, many of you don’t leave email addresses or blog links which means that I can’t find out who you are or reply, which makes me sad.
Some of you might just want to remain anonymous, which is fine, but some of you may not realise that there is a really simple way you can link up blogger and your email, which allows me to reply directly to you when you comment on my blog.
Here’s how you can set up it:

While you are signed in to your account, open your dashboard and in the top right hand corner by your profile picture there should be a drop down menu with the option to view you blogger profile. Click that link and then click edit profile in the top right hand corner.
You should now see:
(I have shamelessly stolen this from the lovely Annika so you should go over to her blog and give her some love!)
In order to associate an email address with you profile, you need to make sure you are:
1) sharing your profile
2) showing your email address
3) entering a valid email address to your profile
If you don’t want to put in your personal email address you could always create one just for your blog, which is really easy to do (mine is countrydreaming@googlemail.com).

Now when you comment on my blog I can quickly reply and we can be friends!
If you’re reading my blog and you’ve never properly introduced yourself please do. I’d love to be able to reply to your comments and catch up with your blog if you have one.
(Thanks again to Annika for letting me steal her idea).


  1. I think that's a good idea! I'd also say for people that want to be even more anonymous without making a new email address you can always add a contact form to your blog, which is what I have. That way the program knows what your email is, but the person doesn't. Here's mine if people want to see an example: http://lozzz123.blogspot.com/p/contact.html

  2. THis is what I want to tell EVERYONE too. I love responding to email. I always wonder how those who don't have it set up like this want me to respond. Maybe they don't want me to :)

  3. You're welcome! :o) It's good to spread the word!

  4. Thanks for posting this - so many people don't have an e-mail associated with their blog, and it's sad not to be able to reply!

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I tagged you in a post on my blog earlier this week. :-)

  5. YEEEES! This is so crucial! So many bloggers aren't aware of this and I do my best, each time a new blogger comments on my blog that doesn't have it set up, to let them know. But some still don't want to and it really makes me sad.

    Way to get it out there!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes