Visiting Bath

Last Saturday Josh and I spontaneously decided to visit Bath for the day as it’s only about 50 minutes from our house - we had such a good time.

I haven’t been to Bath for years and I’d forgotten how beautiful it is. There’s so much history packed into a relatively small (and very well kept) space.
Josh will testify to the fact that I was in Jane Austin heaven (which meant I squealed 'this is soo cool' under my breath for the whole day). I was getting very over excited about pretty much every building we saw.

We wandered around beautifully cobbled streets, poked around little antique shops, drank exotic tea in an underground tea emporium, and bought delicious sourdough from an amazing bakery.
We visited the Assembly rooms which I LOVED. When they were completed in 1771 they would have been at the heart of fashionable Georgian society and were used as a venue for balls and other functions, and was certainly a place you could look for an eligible husband! We had pretty much the whole place to ourselves and I just loved wandering around imagining all the people that had been there, and all the history it had seen. The audio guide had an excerpt from Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey where the characters visit the rooms for a dance...I loved imagining that all the characters would suddenly appear around me! (and yes Josh and I did do a Waltz on the dance floor!)

My second favourite part of the day was when we visited the Roman Baths which is an ancient site built over a natural hot spring (the only one in Britain I think) which still bubbles and steams to this day.

It was quite expensive to get in but I’m SO glad we went. I’ve just finished reading a novel set in Roman times so it was really interesting to see some of the features brought to life!

If you get the chance to visit Bath I would definitely recommend it; I can’t wait to go back and explore some more!


  1. Oh, how amazing!! As a Jane Austen fan, I would love to go to Bath! :) Maybe someday...

  2. Oh that does look so cool! I love your descriptions, too! Would love to go to Bath one day...

  3. I went to Bath in 2010, but unfortunately it was as part of a tour and we were only there for a few hours. We did see the Roman Baths though, which I really liked.

    I would love to go back (I am a big Jane Austen fan too) - especially to see the Assembly Rooms!

  4. I have been there and I loved it!!
    Such a beautiful city!! :)

  5. So glad Bath treated you well! I know the exact tea emporium you went to, and i think i can guess which bakery it was :) Your photos are gorgeous, you make it look much better than I do!

  6. Wow SO FUN!! I love Jane Austen, too, and I'm a big history nut. I'm pretty sure I'd be absolutely giddy if I could visit such a place. Gorgeous photos!

  7. I spent a few days in Bath when I was a postgrad attending a conference at the university there. I was presenting a poster at the conference, so I was lucky enough to be able to attend the conference dinner which was held in the Assembly rooms. It was fabulous! It was so nice to see your photos as I didn't take my camera to the dinner so I don't have a record of the wonderful surroundings.

    As a fellow Jane Austen fan, I also enjoyed seeing Bath 'in the flesh' so to speak. One of the highlights of my visit was the Roman Baths. Did you taste the water? It's utterly vile...can't believe people took it thinking it was good for them!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.