I need your HELP please!

I just went to upload a photo in Blogger and it told me I had hit my upload limit of 1024MB on my Pisca web albums.
Now I don’t know much about computers or how all this online stuff works…I just upload my photos, press publish and pray that no-one is stealing my photos behind my back. I didn’t even know I had an upload limit. (although I often think it’s all too good to be true that we get to do this Blogging lark for free)
I’m in a bit of a quandary now. My blog without photos would just be pointless…and I definitely don’t want to give up posting pictures, or blogging. I love remembering my life with words AND pictures.
I’ve only been blogging with Google since May 2011, and even though I used Wordpress for four years I never even came close to my download limit.
I know there are other places online to store photos and I need your help and advice on what to do now please. I’m definitely NOT paying to upgrade my Pisca Web Albulms even if it is only £5 a year.
I’m thinking Flickr? I just read their FAQs and you get 300MB of free space every calendar month…that’s good right? and apparently you can link it with Blogger too.
I guess I should also be re-sizing my pictures so they’re smaller when I upload them? I normally just upload them straight from the camera as I don’t have time for lots of faffing. Does anyone know a quick way to do this?
Any helpful advice would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! I love blogging but I haven’t got time for it to become a big hassle.
I look forward to hearing from you helpful bloggy friends J


  1. I replied on facebook, but wanted to say so here in case anyone else finds this and wants to know a similar answer:

    Flickr is a pretty great service for non-commercial work, their links are static, so when you embed them, they'll stay forever and that 300mb of space is easily enough if you scale your pictures down to a maximum of 1024x768 pixels, which is plenty for web use :)

  2. WOW! I've been with Blogger since 2009 and haven't had this kind of problem...
    Thanks for sharing this! Now I know that there's a limit and I should be looking for another place online to store photos...

  3. I am actually paying for the extra storage space, because I find Picase Web Albums really easy to work with, so unfortunately I am not sure about a good alternative. If you use Picasa for editing, you will get the option for resizing your photos in a pop-up window when you upload them to an album or your computer. I always make mine smaller because that also prevents people from downloading and using them for dodgy purposes.

  4. I use Photobucket for my blog photos, or just the Picasa Web albums that are connected to my blog - but I like Photobucket because you can adjust the size more easily so they show up bigger on my blog. Photobucket is free. It's an extra step because you have to upload to photobuucket and then copy and paste the code into your blog post, but it's not that big of a deal to me when I do it.