Back to the year 2012

Hello, I'm back! Three weeks has passed, Christmas and New Year have come and gone and now it's 2012!
We had a lovely time away for Christmas; we were in Cardiff until Christmas day and then travelled down to Devon to see my family for a few days which was great as always.

For New Year we went away with a group of people from our new church in Cardiff to stay in Monmouth for a few days. It was a little bit scary as we didn't really know the people who were going and I'm a bit shy around new people, but I'm really glad we went; it was fun and we got to know people from Cardiff better. We were staying at Rockfield Studios which is a recording studio where lots of famous people have worked and stayed. We even played the piano on which Freddie Mercury recorded Bohemian Rhapsody!

Then we headed straight off to the Lake District to see Josh's family for a week. While we were in the Lakes we visited Cartmel Priory which was founded by William Marshall in the 1100’s (My sister will find this interesting at least). It was beautiful and I found graffiti from 1780 – so cool!

We got back to Cardiff on Monday and I was back to work yesterday.

Although I'm glad to be back in my own house with a bit more routine I have a touch of the January blues now we're back. We were really busy before Christmas and that helped us feel more settled, but now our diaries are fairly empty and work is just something that has to be endured while I count the hours to the end of the day. To be honest I'm a bit grumpy because I'm doing lots of shifts at work and it's BORING (I've worked 8.30am- 9.15pm today). I'm just thinking of the fun money and the weekend and things that I can organise to fill up my diary with joy.

Looking forward to catching up with you all soon!

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  1. You're back!!YAY!
    We missed you!!
    Glad you had such a good time with friends and family!