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Hello lovelies!
Today I have the huge honour of guest posting over at the beautiful blog of Tatiana about my struggles with anxiety.
Go and check it out and send her some love because her blog is great!
Although I wrote that post a while ago it’s pretty relevant that it’s been posted today as I’ve suddenly developed some irrational fears about being in the city.
The other night there was a police helicopter circling round our house for ages and I (or rather my ridiculously overactive imagination) convinced myself that there was a criminal in our back yard and they were looking through our windows.

I know. Ridiculous.
Then, at 2am the same night I woke to the sound of what seemed to be pounding feet followed by the most horrific SCREAMING.
I’m telling you, that has got to be one of the worst things to wake up to. It was HORRIBLE.
My next door neighbour had fallen down the stairs (the pounding feet was actually her falling – argh) so Josh quickly rushed round to help as it’s only her and her husband.
As he had slept through the noise of her falling Josh thought someone was in the house attacking them and so apparently he was all ready to break the door down (in his PJs and bare feet!) HA! I’m proud of him for being brave anyway!
Thankfully, after a visit to hospital our neighbour is fine, but the whole thing made me feel really unsettled and I’ve allowed myself to get fearful.
Am I the only one to do this? To get irrationally worried about…nothing. I don’t even know what I’m feeling stressed about!
Anyway, I need to read my post again and dwell on some of the promises that God gives us and focus on his goodness. I hope you’ll do the same :)

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  1. Just wanted to write you a quick little note that your guest post really touched me. I have struggled with anxiety most of my life (all 23 years of it, haha) and even was in counseling for a few years for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The verses from Philippians definitely speak to me as well and that is what I try to do and ask God to give me the strength to think of those precious things. So thank you for sharing-- so good knowing we're not alone!

  2. Loved your post on Tatiana's blog!!! Amazing how God worked the timing out perfectly that you would be listening to a sermon on those specific verses that day - love it when He does that!
    As for this post, seems so typical that satan would try to use something like this to derail you right after sharing your story, but you're right, just read right back through what you wrote! Thanks for sharing!
    Tracy at thebaackblog.blogspot.com

  3. Your poor neighbour and amazingly brave husband!

    That's a great post and I love people being honest about the issues they are battling. It helps me put my own into perspective!

  4. Oh my God!
    I would have been so scared!!
    Glad your husband is so brave!!

  5. I think you're perfectly reasonable to be scared after that! It's good you heard it anyway, and that your neighbour is OK. I'm sure you'll continue to settle in and before long you'll be a "dab" (haha!) hand at this old city malarkey xxx

  6. I loved your guest post - so honest. I have been struggling with anxiety since my boyfriend broke up with me in November. I know that sounds really lame but we were together for three years and I thought it would be forever. Anyway, it's mostly at night - I've been having nightmares and haven't slept straight through the night since I can't remember when! Everything is scarier at night! And I know it's just my subconsious trying to get used to being on my own, and that it will take time to adjust. I am sure your new-found anxiety about city living will also subside. But oh man, peace is the biggest thing I crave these days! Wishing you all the best x

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