Your questions answered #2

6. Do you want kids, when and how many?
I'm really struggling to answer this question because in my experience life ends up being completely different from what I plan in my mind! We have no idea what God will call us to do, or where he'll call us to go...so yes, I would love children, and I'd like to have a big family (maybe 4?) but I try not to get an idea of how things should be in my life and at what time because at the end of the day it's up to God's plan; it just stresses me out if I convince myself that I know the plan my life should take and then God says otherwise! Quick answer: yes we want kids but not sure when!

7. I want to know what your vision is? Like where do you see yourself in 20 years.
In 20 years I'll be 45 (argh!) and I guess I see us working in full time ministry in a country parish somewhere in Wales. I would hope we'd have children and some dogs and that I'd be working hard as a SAHM and in full time ministry in our church alongside Josh, supporting him, being challenged and seeing God work through us in the local church.
However, this kind of follows on from the last question in that I really don't want to tie myself down into imagining how our lives will pan out. I want to be open to God calling us to do anything, anywhere if that's his will. I know it might sound super cheesy and trite to say it, but whatever has happened in 20 years my overriding hope is that I'll still be following Jesus with my whole heart and that will be driving whatever we're up to.

{Dear God, please don't send us to inner-city London. Amen}
8. What is your favourite genre of music?
Oh eeek! I'm not really sure! To be honest I like most music as long as it's not screaming heavy metal or something. I haven't bought much new music recently because I haven't had a working MP3 player, but I listen to the radio a lot...either Classic FM, UCB, Radio 1 or 2!

9. What is your favourite TV programme?
We don't have a television so we tend to watch a lot of films on our laptop. However I do catch up with various programme online like Downtown Abbey, Casualty, Frozen Planet and Don't tell the Bride. Josh and I are currently watching Spooks on DVD which is like the English version of 24!

10. If you were a kangaroo, what would you keep in your pouch?
Um...is this a trick question? My Joey?
In my handbag I have an umbrella, diary, bible, sandwich, phone, wallet, foldable shopping bag and lots of rubbish and crumbs if that helps?!

11. What is your favourite view?
Wow, this is a hard one! We have seen some pretty amazing landscapes in our time so I don't think I can choose just one. At the moment I'm craving the coast so I'd love to be looking out to a rough sea with crashing waves and a winter wind blowing in my face. I also love the mountains; when we were in Knoydart in the summer just looking over miles and miles of deserted mountainside was pretty amazing.
OH! Also...I love late summer evenings walking along country lanes when the light is all golden and the balers are out collecting the hay.
{I could rant about the countryside all day!}.

Thanks for all your questions guys. I hope my answers have been satisfactory!


  1. I like that you actually were able to give us the view! I like looking out over water, too. And Don't Tell the Bride. Although I have successfully weaned myself off it at the mo. :o)

  2. You never answered my question...