Poorly Sick {so I need your questions}

Last week I was feeling smug that my immune system had not succumbed to the cold that everyone in the office seems to have...then I got sick.
I feel tired, achy, I have a sore throat, headache, blocked up nose, cough and I sound like a man who smokes a hundred a day.
I haven’t got the cold though…obviously not. My immune system is far too strong for that.
Yesterday was the first proper day I could rest since being ill. I was working Wed-Fri last week and then we had guests for the weekend, so that’s why I didn’t post much last week. Too busy feeling tired and pathetic at the end of each day to blog.
{We had a great weekend by the way. The boys went to see Wales vs Australia at the Millennium Stadium, and I had a girly shopping day with Naomi. Bought lots of Christmas presents too - woot!}
ANYWAY, I’m not being very coherent and I’d just like to have a rest day today along with my box of tissues so I’m going to make you do the hard work for me.
Please could you help a sick gal out and leave a question for me to answer in the comments below?
It can be about anything and everything…I’ll answer them all at the end of the week!
Also – You’ll notice in the side bar I’ve added a few buttons from my favourite blogs {go check them out, they’re great} so if you’d like to do a button swap just let me know in the comments or by email.


  1. You poor thing! Get well soon! And on that note: seeing my button made me feel very well indeed! Thank you!

    My question for you: what is your favourite view? (As in looking at a landscape.)

  2. Uhh ohh. You need lemsips, throat soothers, early nights, TV, naps, lots of tissues, vaseline (for your nose when it gets sore), vicks vapo rub (life saver), and general sympathy!!

    My question to you would be: What is your favourite genre of music? And what is your favourite TV programme? xxxx

  3. Yo Rach,

    I want to know what your vision is? Like where do you see yourself in 20 years?

    Really hope you feel better soon - sucks being sick. x

  4. If you were a kangaroo, what would you keep in your pouch?


    Hannah (mumsie) x

  5. What do you call the king of the Kleenex?
    The hankie-chief.

    What do you call a Roman emperor with flu?
    Julius Sneezer.

    Sorry your poorly and I can't be there to mop your fevered brow!

  6. You need a question...

    In the principality of Potluck, the currency is the Fluke which is worth 100 Jammies. The Bank of Potluck has just issued the new One Fluke note, but now want a coin system for the Jammies. The plan is that you should be able to make ANY amount between 1 and 100 Jammies by using just one or two coins. (The two coins can be the same or different.) What is the smallest number of different coins they need for their new system - and what are they?

  7. Okay, no one else asked it and I want to know - do you want kids, when and how many? And do you and Josh have any Christmas traditions?

  8. Hope you're feeling better now!
    I'm sorry it took me so long to comment!
    Questions: where would you like to live? What's your favorite city? what's your favorite country? Would you like to live abroad?