Photos of Hafod

Josh has finished university for Christmas and I’m only working Thursday and Friday this week so for the last few days we have been catching up with friends in Aberystwyth.
 We’ve attended the candlelit carol service, had coffee with friends and enjoyed the countryside. It's been lovely.
Yesterday we went on a rather wet and dreary walk around Hafod. 

This wasn't posed at all

We walked up to a waterfall which plunges down into a cavern which you can walk into via a dark tunnel and see the base of the waterfall. {I didn't like the tunnel much because I was convinced a bat would fly in my face} 
Don't be fooled - it was DARK

All the rivers were really swollen with all snow-melt and so the waterfall was about twice as strong as the last time we visited and we got totally soaked as soon as we got into the cavern! My camera is still drying out so you’ll have to excuse the pictures!

{This is a waterfall through a film of water spray on the camera lense!}


  1. It's beautiful!! :)
    Loooove all the pictures!!
    Glad you had such a great time!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love the photograph of the "green man" character, I find "him" fascinating though I don't know much about the Green Man. I love legends and mythological imagery like that! And the base of the waterfall - it's so King Arthur like!

  3. I've been there!! That Waterfall place is SO COOL!!! :] also... Josh... what a poser... ;] hahah love you both. xx

  4. It may have been a dreary day, but you certainly got some BEAUTIFUL pictures! It looks absolutely gorgeous there. So glad you're back to your regular routine now, though I know it stinks after all the excitement is done. I hope the rest of your January is good for you. Lovely new background by the way. I'm sure you changed that a while ago and I'm just now getting around to commenting about it! Playing catch up this week.