The person who will be receiving the Viral Bible is...

Angel from Living with Moxie..!

Congratulations Angel. I hope you find it as encouraging as I have and that we can keep it being passed round for the rest of the year.

However, in this instance EVERYONE is a winner because the official Viral Bible people have emailed me to request that everyone who commented on my blog post should enter in their favourite bible passage and details on their website.
That way everyone who logs onto their website can be encouraged by your chosen verse, and we can see people getting involved from all round the world.

SO if you commented on my Viral Bible post and you haven't received an email from me yet about it (check your spam folder) let me know.

You just need go to this link and enter your details. The bible code is #nwnered/136
It only takes a couple of minutes and I'd love to see everyone's verses up there! PLEASE get involved!


As you know, this last week we have been visiting our old friends in Aberystwyth. I really enjoyed our time away; we climbed up a mountain, we ate out with friends, we attended our old church, met up with more friends, and ate lots of chocolate.

It was so relaxing. I feel like we got a top-up of love from friends, a top-up of spiritual input from church and a top-up of peace and quiet and open-space from the countryside.
It might sound weird but I feel like I can deal with the city for a few more weeks now until Christmas when we can escape again!

It's not that I'm really unhappy here or anything, it's just that Aber still feels like home; everything is easy there. I know we'll get to the stage of having proper friends here and knowing where things are, it'll just take time, and at the moment I feel a bit like I'm just trying to find ways to pass my weeks by rather than living each day to the full.  We've got lots of visitors booked in to come and see us though, and my diary is getting full...we've got many things to look forward to!

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