Two Exciting Things

We are in Aberystwyth! Lovvving it!
I know it’s not helpful and I shouldn’t think of it as home, but I just can’t help it when we drive through the mountains and a can feel a bubble of joy welling up inside me. It’s sooo beautiful here!

We’re having a great time catching up with friends. Today we’re hoping to go up into the mountains and find some peace and quiet too so expect some photos soon.
You know my post about the Viral Bible? The official Viral Bible people contacted me to say that they were loving that everyone was getting so involved on the blog and to ask whether we could enter all the verses that people have been leaving as comments onto their official website.
How exciting! So if you have entered a verse it will be being entered into the bible.
There’s still time to leave your favourite verse. I’ll be choosing who to send it onto tomorrow along with some exciting treats.
Click HERE to join the fun!
Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday. What did you do this weekend?
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  1. Yay about the viral bible :) very exciting! xxx

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous! I'm so glad that you're having a great time :-)
    And the viral bible thing sounds intriguing :-)

  3. Wow, it is so beautiful there! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures! The toffee Apple scramble sounds really delicious!