Memorising Scripture

I’ve recently been thinking that I should spend more time memorising scripture.
I’ve heard of people who have memorised huge chunks of the bible and I’ve always been inspired…and have then done nothing about it myself.
Over the last few years I feel like my bible knowledge has grown hugely. I’ve got a much better grasp of how it all links together and I can generally find what I’m looking for without too much trouble. I know the gist of lots of verses, but ask me to quote them exactly without looking at the bible and I’ll be stuck half way through.
Last week when I was making a postcard for a friend I had the idea that I could use my love of design to motivate myself into memorising scripture.
I’ve set myself the target of memorising two sections/ verses from the bible a month. I feel like that’s quite achievable for now, and then I can raise the target later.
I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make each verse into a postcard which I can have on my computer desk-top and around the house to help me remember it.
No doubt I’ll be sharing them with you too!

Have you got any good ideas to make memorising scripture easier? Do you do it? If so, how?


  1. Memorizing scripture is one of my passions. On the 1st and 15th of every month a group of women post what they are memorizing for the two week segment on my blog as a form of encouragement and accountability. We would love for you to join us! Here is the post I wrote last January to help everyone get started: http://www.angelhaynes.com/2011/01/moxie-memorizers.html

    Yay for scripture memory!! Such a great tool to help live a transformed life!

  2. Catholics tend not to memorize scripture so I didn't grow up with it and generally prefer not to do so myself, but it's all about what inspires you and this is definitely a creative way to go about it.

  3. This is so great! I talked about this in my post today, how when you know His word, He can cause you to recall it in times of need. The easiest way I have found for me is to put it to song. My kids and I have lots of silly songs, but it truly helps us memorize scripture. =)

  4. Writing it down and having it visible throughout the day is a great way to learn. I write verses on little cards which will fit in my pocket for easy review. We're currently working our way through '100 verses every Christian should know by heart' - one verse every other week. We're up to number 10 now. Not sure you want to be up-ing the number of verses you learn in two weeks as you go on - as keeping on top of the ones already learnt is the difficult bit. I'll test you at Christmas!

  5. The children at church were set the task of learning three verses by christmas - they have the first two down just trying to add the third - with three weeks to go think we will make it - probably not applicable to an adult but repitition, colouring it, writting it, word searching it, puzzle pieces and missing words are all ways we have been learning it! - Personally i am hopeless particularly in remembering the references!!! doesn't it say somewhere........

  6. That's a great idea. I haven't tried to work on memorizing scripture before. But every time I see one in a book I'm reading or as I'm surfing through the internet, I tend to remember it better than I would have otherwise. Seeing it in print -just the verse itself - really helps. Maybe you can share what you make on your blog. That may inspire us :)