Hallway Storage Solutions {and more house photos}

One thing that really bugs me is not having anywhere to store my shoes in my home.
{I know, a pretty insignificant thing to get annoyed about, but we all have our pet peeves!}
Being a bit of a neat freak, it really annoys me when shoes cutter up a small hallway and you end up tripping over them. I’ll normally pick up my shoes and move them somewhere out the way, but Josh tends to just kick his off as soon as he gets in the door which means I normally fall over them the next time I enter the house.
When we moved I knew I needed to sort this problem, and quickly, because our new hallway is quite narrow.

…and wonderful IKEA provided an excellent solution.I love this shoe rack. It’s neat, means our shoes are out the way and I really like the design.

It was originally going to go on this wall, but I didn’t actually measure it before we bought the cabinet and put it together. And guess what? It didn’t fit. FAIL!
Thankfully it fits just round the corner!
What good storage solutions do you have in your home?


  1. I also have a shoe rack :)
    But I'm thinking of other ways to keep the house organise ... because my shoe rack was not enough! haha

  2. We have the exact same shoe rack! Bought last month and oh how it has changed our hallway - i hate shoes cluttering up the place! Laura Temple (formally Workman!)

  3. Very cute! I have yet to visit an IKEA, but it's on my bucket list. :)

    I have a basket by our front door to throw our shoes in. I like how your shoes are hidden, though, I'm not a super neat person, so the basket is a WAY step up from where I usually am with neatness.

  4. I had my dad build me a bench with a tilted shelf on the bottom to store all the shoes in the entry. Its a great place to sit and put our shoes on before leaving and kick them off and keep them out of the way when we come in.

    I can't stand tripping over shoes, either.
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  5. Ahhhh, that really is such a great idea! It's nice finding ways to make a house work even better for you!

  6. Oh I just love IKEA! There's one right up the road from me and that's dangerous! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Gosh that's a clever bit of furniture! Shoes in a messy pile also bother me, you are not alone :)