The Dating Game

Josh and I have never been very good at dating.
Well, my idea of dating anyway.
To my mind dating equals spending money. Going out for a meal, the cinema, the theatre etc etc.
Josh and I started going out when we were 16 and 17 and I'm not sure how many 16 and 17 year olds really 'date'. We used to just hang out and go for long walks. We didn't have the money, or the inclination to go out for fancy meals or do anything particularly cultural.
Now, I know that a walk can count as a date...and I'm not saying you have to spend money either; I'm just saying that Josh and I got together young and we used to spend all our time together. We'd been in the same church youth group for 5 years so we didn't necessarily have to put aside special time to get to know each other over a meal or whatever, like proper adults might.
I still don't feel like a proper adult.
Maybe when I'm 50 I will?
Anyway, by the time we were old enough to enjoy doing slightly more civilised things were were living in the back-of-beyond Aberystwyth, which isn't exactly the cultural capital of the world. Its cinema has one screen with one showing a day and although it has an arts centre we rarely went.
Basically we just never got into the habit of going out on dates that involved spending money, and to be honest when you're fighting against a newly-wed budget it's probably just as well.
Things haven't really changed now that we've moved to Cardiff even though we've got a massive choice of things to do. We're just a bit rubbish at putting aside time to spend doing something special. We still chat all the time and go for walks {don't worry - I'm not insinuating that my marriage is falling apart} but sometimes I think we should make more effort to do get dressed up and do something special.
Just recently we've been meeting for lunch on a Friday as I work in town and Josh doesn't have lectures. He meets me from the office and we walk through the park and eat in a little cafe that serves local welsh delicacies and weird and wonderful drinks. I look forward to it all week, especially as we don't really eat together alone much now that Josh has meals at his college. It's good to have that time put aside and makes me happy that I still really look forward to hanging out with my spouse.
It has inspired me to make sure we diary in some more time to go out together and enjoy Cardiff. Things are so hectic at the moment that free evenings are at a premium...I need to go and research some things to do.
Any ideas?


  1. Go for picnics in the summer! But for now, do cheesy things like going ten pin bowling or you could go for a bite to eat and then walk along the sea front...

  2. I found my book store date idea here, http://www.thedatingdivas.com/, but there aren't a TON of low key dates listed. But if you're not worried about being low key (like my introverted hubby), you may be able to find some ideas that translate to your side of the world there. good luck. Dating your spouse is so important! We didn't do enough this year. 4 dates. Yup. Just 4 dates in 12 months. Sad.

  3. There is an event at St Fagans, "Christmas Nights", on the evenings of 7, 8 & 9 December. 6 - 9 pm. (on the National Museum Wales website - sorry, useless at links.)
    Friends who have been in the past say that this is a magical evening. I just wish I lived nearer!

  4. Cute blog! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog...it made me happy...:)

  5. We just like to watch movies at home, or grab a hot cocoa somewhere! (do they have hot cocoa in your uncivilized place?? ;-) )

    We've also been to a play but we hated that haha! And it wasn't really cheap...

    I hope you can find something to do! I'm trying to make a "12 dates"-gift for my husband for Christmas. So I'll have to think of some more before I can hand it to him...

  6. Do not underestimate the importance of lunch dates! On of my favourites is also going out for breakfast at the weekend - it's up to you if you go to a greasy spoon for a full fry-up or if you prefer a fancy cafe for eggs benedict (by which I mean the budget is fairly flexible for this kind of date!) but it's a lovely start to the weekend and I find it a bit easier to fit into the timetable!