Today, I am thanking God for people who know how to do the Heimlich manoeuvre.
I’m sat alone on my sofa in my PJs (at 6.55pm) drinking a (big) glass of wine and I’m not even going to try and make this a decent blog post because
We were having dinner at college and a bit of beef went down the wrong way. I thought he was joking to begin with, and then when he ignored my ARE YOU CHOKING? questions (see… I remembered my first aid) and went red I started to panic.
I’d like to say that I calmly took control and did the Hiemlich manoeuvre myself, but I actually just closed my eyes and started to pray. Haha. Helpful maybe, but probably not very practical.
Thank you Jesus that someone was there who did know how to do it, and calmly took control (by this time the whole room was quiet and watching), and after about 40 seconds (maybe? Seemed like about an hour) he managed to clear the blockage.
Thank you Lord!
I burst into tears. Very embarrassing.
Josh is okay, but a bit shaken up. He went straight off to football practice (not sure if that’s a good idea?) so I’ve just come home alone and feel all shaky and horrid.
Anyone got any good remedies for a shock?


  1. Aww no. It's really scary when that happens. I'm glad Josh is OK :). I heard that tea with lots of sugar is good for shock.

  2. Girl! That happened to my MIL earlier this year. We were all there having breakfast in the living room instead of the table. It was me, Brad, his parents & his sister. And his mom choked! She couldn't cough or anything... not good! Brad jumped up & did the heimlich maneuver! It was VERY SCARY! I just stared. And prayed. Haha! I would have done something but everyone else was & i just would have been in the way! But now i'm like "don't you ever scare me like that again!" LOL! I love his mama dearly!

    Glad your husband is okay!

  3. Yikes. Glad he's ok. Copious amounts of tea for the shock, I think.

  4. Sugary tea. According to the manuals, Josh should have gone to hospital after abdominal thrusts as he may have cracked a rib or something, but the first aid advice is always over cautious so he's probably fine.

  5. Oh, dear! that was scary!
    I'm glad he's okay!!

  6. No Way!!! I'm so glad he's okay! What a horrible shock to both of you! I'm glad he's okay enough to go to football practice. I guess that means he's okay. Or he's too much of a MAN to go to the hospital for some wimpy broken ribs LOL. I hope he feels like himself now and that you've calmed down and feel safe enough to eat food again. How scary.

  7. Oh, Rachel, I am so glad he's fine! But how crazy, to head off to practice and leave you all by yourself! Is he back yet? I think the wine bottle would have been my first call, too. Or the whiskey bottle. xxx

  8. Oh my goodness, how scary! i'm glad he's okay!

  9. I'm SO glad your husband is ok!! What a blessing there was someone there to help out. That's why your praying was so important!!

    But, uhm, yeah...this is one of my worst nightmares...I don't think I'd have the strength or calmness to do what I would need to.