Aberystwyth Bucket List #3: Achieved

I expect you’ve forgotten all about my Aberystwyth Bucket List by now. I never finished writing up my posts but I want to get it done so look out for a round-up by the end of this week…

One of things that Josh really wanted to have on our Aberystwyth Bucket List was to visit Soar y Mynydd Chapel. This is a tiny, remote chapel (probably the most remote in Wales) built in the 1820s near Tregarron, and is in a stunning location.

Before I continue, I need to give you a Welsh lesson because I don’t want you pronouncing Soar y Mynydd wrong in your head for the whole of this post.
It is So-arh (not soar like an Eagle) uh mun-uthhh. I don’t know how to do phonetics so that’s probably just as unclear! I tried, Welsh is hard!
Wales has a vibrant Christian history, and particularly from the 18th century onwards there were a number of revivals across the country. In the 1904 revivals it is thought that 100,000 people became Christians.

You have to drive for miles into the mountains before you stumble over this little building in the middle of nowhere.
The chapel itself is a simple longhouse structure containing no more than a pulpit and some {uncomfortable!} box pews. There is no heating and no electricity even today. However during the summer people still flock here to attend services on a Sunday; continuing a tradition that has been going on for hundreds of years.

One of the things I love the most {and now miss the most} about West Wales is its wildness and remoteness. I would say it’s just as beautiful as the Highlands of Scotland, but for some reason it’s not been made such a tourist attraction – which just adds to its beauty.

You can walk for miles and not see another person, and that’s what we did.
We climbed up into the mountains and as we came over the brow of one hill we discovered one of the most beautiful valleys I have visited in Wales. The photos can never do it justice but it just took my breath away especially as it was so unexpected!

I couldn’t wait to get down the hill and explore.

I still find it hard to comprehend how people used to live up here full time. There used to be more than 40 hill farms spread around this area, but modern farming methods and harsh winters have driven almost all the families away from the area now. These people would have been the mainstays at places like Soar y Mynydd chapel, but now people are just bussed in for a Sunday and for the rest of the week the chapel stands amongst the mountains in the silence and beauty of God’s creation.


  1. It's beautiful!!
    I have to go!
    It's breathtaking!
    Beautiful pictures, as always :)

  2. Stunningly beautiful!!! I can only imagine the awe when standing there looking down on that beautiful valley. Breathtaking!

  3. That's beautiful :) I hope that another revival comes again and those little churches are overflowing with people again!

  4. I absolutely ADORE Wales too!! I've only really visited the north, near Dolgellau (my family holidays near there every year), and the Brecon Beacons - but your pics have just made me really want to go and explore the even more remote places. Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day! Great to connect. :) x