A weekend in Cardiff

Hi Friends!
I hope you have had a great weekend. What did you do?
I had a bit of a manic week last week – but it was so fun! We had our first visitors to stay!
- On Wednesday my Brother and Sister-in-love arrived with their three little girls. It was so good to see them. They live in London so Aberystwyth was always too far for them to come (and we didn’t have any space for them to stay) so it’s wonderful that we now have a proper house for entertaining.
We caught the bus to Cardiff museum in the pouring rain, and made crafts and played games. Twas lovely!
- On Friday Tom and Naomi arrived from Aberystwyth. They are some of our best friends from Aber and we really miss being able to spontaneously meet up several times a week.
I’ve realised again this weekend that it’s your friends that make the place you live great. On Saturday we went to town and I really enjoyed just mooching around the city with them {yes I did just say enjoyed and city in the same sentence!}.
Shopping arcade, Cardiff
On the recommendation of a blog reader we explored some of the older shopping arcades and found some wonderful independent shops, we meandered through the market filled with exciting looking food and the enticing smell of hot doughnuts, we tried out the massage chairs in John Lewis {so good by the way!} and decided what scent each of us should have in the perfume section.
We then had lunch in a little Italian place where they cooked the pizzas from scratch in a pizza oven at the back of the shop. I had Bruschetta ai Fungi with pancetta, a creamy sauce and topped with mozzarella. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it – sooo good!
- In the evening another of our university friends, Naomi, arrived to stay with us. {Naomi has a giveaway on her blog by the way – have you entered yet?}
Because we all know each other from uni we decided to invite other ex-Aberystwyth people who now live in Cardiff over for a meal in the evening. There were nine of us in total and we ate good food and enjoyed catching up with everyone.
It was so lovely just to be able to relax with people who we know well and with whom we share history.
It’s been a great week and both Josh and I really needed some time hanging out with people we know well. However I’m glad to have a couple of days off work now to recover!
It’s only four days until we go for a five day visit to Aberystwyth…I am SO EXCITED!
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  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!
    Do I count as your sister-in-love too?! xx

  2. I'm so glad you had such a great week/weekend!
    Hope you have an even better Monday!

  3. Spending time with friends "is" so much fun! Thanks for sharing all the interesting details with all of us. It makes me want to travel to the U.K. but ... oh well, maybe we can afford it someday!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too and for your sweet words, Rachel!

  4. I can't resist saying this - "I told you so!" You obviously found at least one of the arcades, and the market, which I love, but had forgotten to mention. I also seem to remember mentioning the museum - great natural history sections (I go for the art galleries!).
    I'll bet that now that you can work your way around the centre of Cardiff on foot (quite logical, and also flat), it all seems a lot less scary.
    Well done!