Take a walk with me...

I was double booked at work today. I was all settled in for a day in reception at 8.30am when the normal receptionist turned up and didn’t look at all happy to see me there! I’m almost 100% sure they did ask me to go in today, but it doesn’t really matter. I’m torn between being sad that I’ve lost  day’s wages and being happy because I’d much rather be having fun at home than stuck in an office doing nothing all day! The joys of temping work…
Anyway, with some unexpected time on my hands I thought I’d enjoy the autumn sunshine and take my camera out for a little walk. I haven’t taken many photos since we moved to Cardiff and I miss it.

I thought it would be nice to give you a little tour around the area I live too, so I went down to the park that I walk through to get to work, and then home via the Cathedral which is just around the corner from our house.

On the way home I went and wandered round a graveyard that I haven’t been into before. Despite the traffic rushing by it was peaceful, with squirrels and birds everywhere. I was the only one there and it was the first time in Cardiff that I’ve actually felt alone in a public place, which was nice.

This is one of my favourite views in Cardiff. The photo doesn’t really show it, but you can see hills behind the Cathedral spire so I like to imagine I’m in a little country village and not in the middle of a city J

I consider us fortunate to have ended up in such a nice bit of the city. We’re slowly getting used to being in a more populated area and our street is much greener and quieter than where we were in Aber.
I hope you enjoyed your tour - I must go and clean the bathroom! {I did say I'd rather be at home than at work, right?!}


  1. These are just stunning! What a lovely place to live and be able to explore!

    Tamar - also linking up with Kate!

  2. Stunning pictures. My favorite is the one of the gravestone that is a Celtic cross (at least that what I think it's called. Correct me if I'm wrong). Is that the castle in the background to the left of the cathedral? Is this the cathedral that you attend or just like to look at? so pretty. I'm glad you got to get away with your camera and explore the area.

  3. So beautiful. I have a feeling that you are going to grow to love it there!!!!

  4. You're very talented! I feel more relaxed just by looking at these!

  5. Ah it looks pretty lovely for a city area... I mean it's not wild but it is peaceful and green. :] xx Also love the Ivy on the cross. xx