Memories in print

As you know I love photography. I love to snap away and to capture the places that we visit and the adventures that we have.
However, I'm very guilty of storing away the hundreds of photos I take and never doing anything with them. Josh often complains at me that our generation is going to be the 'lost generation' who won't have any hard copies of our photos or documents for our children's children to look back at.
It's been on my long term to-do list to print out some of our photos for albums and frames for ages, and just recently I've been getting round to it.
This summer has been amazing and we've captured so many wonderful memories on 'film'. Therefore my first project was to collate some of the best photos and put them into a photobook. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out.

Photos really are amazing. Every time I look at these they evoke the wonderful relaxed happy feeling I had while we were in Scotland. It was definitely one of the best times in my life.
With all the busyness of moving to Cardiff I never managed to do a round-up of our summer of fun, but if you ever get the chance to take a couple of months off and do some travelling - do it. We had such an amazing time.
{if you're  new to the blog I'd suggest you search the archive drop down menu on the right -> as I blogged nearly every day of our holiday during July and August}

Josh and I really needed it before we came to Cardiff too. We'd been so busy and manic in the run up to the summer that I kept catching myself laughing hysterically with Josh while we were away and thinking 'wow, we haven't done this for ages'. It was so good to re-connect and I feel like we really needed that before we came to all the stress in Cardiff.
I just remember our time in Scotland with a golden hazy glow of amazing weather, amazing scenery, wonderful company and yummy food.
This photo just sums up the week in Skye. We sat outside our cottage watching the sunset, sipping beers, feeling sun-kissed and tired from an 11 mile walk in the mountains. Definitely a 'life is good' moment.
I also got a couple of photos enlarged so we can hang them in frames around the house. I love this picture of the mountains. Every time I look at it it brings back the happy memories from our holiday, and brings a little bit of countryside into our front room.

The problem is now I can't wait to go back to Scotland. Skye and Knoydart just got under my skin and looking at these photographs isn't making it any better!
Do you get your digital photographs printed off? What is your favourite way to display your favourite memories?


  1. I printed my first book this year for Rick's father's day gift. Lot's of pictures of Jack and him together. But it was so expensive, I can't do it for all my photos. Instead, I print them and put them in photo albums. I do have a wall with a (2 dozen) frames collage on it - all of Jack- in our living room above our couch. We have a cathedral ceiling, so we have a lot of wall space to fill up. I'm sad to say that I still have photos from our trip to Alaska three years ago still sitting on my hard drive, never having been printed yet. :(

    I love your summer book. It looks very professional. Your pictures need to be in print. They're very good :)

  2. What a cool book! I've been thinking of doing something like that but maybe adding some writing (perhaps blog posts) to go along with it. I'm also really excited to start scrapbooking again now that field season is over and I'll have more time in the evenings.

  3. This turned out lovely.

    I like photo books. I never actually print out my photos anymore and this is a good way to make an album. And the are such good quality, too. I have one from our wedding, my mom made some as keepsakes from my grandparents' 80th birthdays and I am planning to do them for all the holidays that Marco and I have taken together - if and when I get to it...

  4. That photo book is an awesome idea! It looks really professional too - how did you do it? I'd love to make something like that from my honeymoon!

  5. Have you tried blurb.com? I think its the best photo book printer. It gives you complete freedom on page layout and the books are beautiful.

  6. I scrapbook the real way and I make photo books. I have sooo many pictures and sooo many memories. I want to keep them all!

    I order prints from yorkphoto.com because I never pay more than 8cents per print. (They often have free shipping deals!)

    I order my photobooks from artscow.com because all I ever pay is shipping. (That's $8 on a 20 page 8x8 book!)

    I love good deals. :)