On Friday I briefly mentioned that I have created a facebook page for Dreaming of the Country. I know I don’t have many followers to warrant it, but I was getting fed up of clogging up my personal news feed with links to the blog. This way, if people want to get links to my blog in their personal news feed and be reminded when I have updated they can 'like' the page, and if they aren’t interested they don’t have to keep getting links through my personal account.
You can check out the Dreaming of the Country Facebook page by clicking here and clicking on the like button at the top of the page, or clicking on the box in the sidebar.
I’m not going to keep the page live if only a few people join it – I have no idea how many people will be interested – so to bribe you encourage you to join, and also to celebrate my first day of paid employment in Cardiff {which went fine by the way} I’m doing a GIVEAWAY this week, only open to people who join the Dreaming of the Country Facebook group.
The giveaway will be open ‘til Friday 10pm GMT, when I’ll pick one person from everyone who ‘likes’ the facebook page to win this cute star fish ornament. {I’m sorry the photos are rubbish but it’s lovely in real life, I promise!}

Go on, you know you want to…go to my facebook page here!


  1. Exciting news, and I love the ornament! xxx

  2. Good luck! I can never decide if my blog FB page is worth it, but it is certainly a relief for my real life friends!