Five Fact Friday

1. I got this new recipe book yesterday and I luurrrve it.

I bought it through the Book People who had dropped a load of books off at work. It’s a good strategy on their part because I was just sat in the office flicking through them thinking ‘I would like to make that’, ‘oh that looks amazing’, ‘YUM’!
It’s worth £20 but I got it for £8 which clinched the deal. BARGAIN!
Expect to see recipes posted on here soon!

2. I also got a belated birthday present from my good friend Hannah this week; a glass cake stand with a dome. OH I LOVE IT!

ARV BRÖLLOP Cake stand with lid, clear glass Diameter: 29 cm Height: 22 cm

I've wanted a stand with a dome for ages and it brings me joy every time I come into my kitchen and see it. I just feel like it makes the kitchen feel welcoming and homely with some inviting treats on display for guests.
It does mean that my cake stocks are going down faster than usual though as Josh munches his way through things that are readily left out on the table, but I'm keeping my eye out for love handles don't you worry!

3. I went to a Zumba class on Wednesday with my new friend Becky which was fun. I didn't feel like I got much of a work-out because I was too busy trying to work out what on earth the instructor was doing! From experience I know that next week it'll be easier. Once you get into it Zumba is a great workout and a lot of fun too!

4. One of the bonuses of being in Cardiff is that on Monday I was able to meet an old friend in town for lunch. We met ten years ago at a Christian camp but over the last few years we haven't seen much of each other. It was great to catch up with her news and I hope that we can meet up much more often. It was also nice to meet with an old friend; we've met some lovely people here but I've been getting a bit frustrated always being in new situations with people I don't really know. It was nice to relax with someone who has known me longer than 4 weeks!

5. Have you ever watched Merlin on BBC1? I like it and last Sunday we went in search of some of the places that they use for filming. It's all set in the time of King Arthur so there’s lots of riding around in forests with bad guys lurking in the background.

Thankfully we didn't see any bad guys, but we did stumble upon this castle which was pretty cool.  We're having fun exploring this new area.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Oo, what's the name of that castle? I LOOOVE castles!

    That tree picture is fantastic. I love looking up at trees like that in photos.

    How appropriate to get a cake dome in time for your new cookbook! We have those book people here too. Not sure what they're called, but it's the same concept. It's SOOO cheap to get those books, and they're usually pretty nice books.

  2. That castle is cool!

    That cookbook looks amazing!! YUM! And I LOVE that cake stand! I love little touches like that that make a house a home!

  3. Love your blog! And what an amazing looking cookbook!! I have a great weakness for any kind of baking/dessert cookbook, and that one looks especially amazing. Please share photos of your finished products!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. wow...how amazingly fun would that be to be able to roam around in the woods and stumble upon a castle! So not fair :)

    I like baking but I prefer and love to cook(meals) as opposed to desserts but I usually prefer eating desserts to anything else :))


  5. That castle is beautiful! I spent a month in Ireland in 2006, and I'd love to go back and explore some other countries.

  6. Ugh, I know exactly what you mean! I've been in Bath two years now and I still just feel so relieved when I go and see my old friends back in London - we don't have to make an effort with each other, we don't have to explain every anecdote because we all know who we're talking about...sigh. Still, Cardiff's a gorgeous city (nearly moved there once myself) and you've got your fella alongside you. Home is where the heart is, after all :)