Five Fact Friday

1. HOW is it Friday already? I’m not quite sure what happened to this week. I know, I am so behind on posting things up on the blog (I haven’t even finished my Aber Bucket List posts yet!), but I’m finding it hard to work up the motivation to post. Cardiff life seems a bit dull so I’m lacking inspiration!

2. I have been working full time this week and it’s been mind numbing. I’ve just been on reception and there has been nothing to do other than answer the occasional phone call. It’s money and I’m grateful to have a job, but seriously...I can’t do this long term. My brain will disintegrate with inactivity. Still, I’ve been catching up with my letter writing and I’ve read two books this week!

3. I’ve applied for a ‘clerical officer’ job at the university manning reception and doing the admin for one of the departments which seems more like my thing. There are bound to be dozens of applicants though so I’m not getting my hopes up.
I know that I am capable and can be trusted with lots of work, but I guess I’m still in the probationary period when people see me as a receptionist and they don’t know if they can trust me with anything more. The woman who was showing me how to do the receptionist job last week didn’t trust me with anything! She kept checking everything I did, even when it was just removing the stamps from envelopes! Sigh.

4. Working full time this week has already meant that I’m frustrated because I haven’t been keeping my new house all clean and tidy. I’m so bad at motivating myself to do anything beyond the necessary after a day out of the house. I just want to spend time with Josh or have a sit down before we go out in the evening. Most people would probably still think that our house is tidy, but I’m an ‘everything in its place’ kinda gal!

5. I’m only working a couple of days next week, but my diary is already filled up with events and meetings. I’m making friends! I’ve been invited to a Zumba class next week so it’ll be good to start doing that again.
Some of our Aber friends are coming down to go to IKEA tomorrow. I can’t wait to see them. It’ll be great to have a bit of normality...and I’m looking forward to not having to be out of the house by 8am too!

I feel like this week’s Five Fact Friday is a bit grumpy and down, but after a week of sitting at a desk with nothing to do I just feel a bit blaaahh. I’m not having a breakdown and I’m not feeling sad; God is good, life goes on and we’ll continue to settle in. Just keeping it real!


  1. And I'm coming tomorrow to blow the gloom away...

  2. Zumba sounds like fun! I would love to try it, but am not the most coordinated, so it might discourage me at first. Can't wait to here how you like it!



  3. My college job is mind numbing, so I can really sympathise. I always come back less tired and more motivated after a ridiculously busy than when I have a boring day. I really hope you find something more challenging and stimulating to do!

  4. Having an unchallenging job is the worst. And believe me, I know what I am talking about. Fingers crossed fro the other position!