Five Fact Friday

1. I can't remember how much (if anything) I've said about my new jobs. The astute among you will remember that I had an interview at Josh's college before the summer for an admin job I didn't get. The college are really short staffed at the moment and as they had already interviewed me they offered me a temping job and also a post down in the Church in Wales offices in town {it's all connected and on the same pay roll}. Both are fairly simplistic admin jobs so I'm not getting much of a challenge but it's great that something has come up so quickly, and both are really convenient as I don't have to drive. Apparently a full time post is coming up at the college in January so I'm hoping I'll be able to get enough hours to last me until then, but as it's temping it could stop dead at any time. I've got hours for the next three weeks and I'll be praying for more after that!
2. The BBC are currently filming a four part documentary about Josh's college and the Vicars-in-training. They're interviewing all the first years and Josh casually mentioned last night {just before we were about to go out} that they were coming to film him in the house today.

Seriously people...my house is going to be on national television and I don't even have curtains downstairs yet. ARGH! At least I managed to get a little bit of frantic cleaning done before we went out!
3. Speaking of curtains...we finally got our new curtains put up in our bedroom so the room is all finished now. I love it! It's so much bigger than our old bedroom and it's really clean and calming. I've also made the bed every day for a month (!). A new record methinks. 

4. I ventured into the big city by myself for the first time this week to go shopping. I did have to fight rising panic as I battled my way through the shops. Seriously...SO MANY SHOPS! This country girl was overwhelmed! But not so overwhelmed I couldn't buy some nice new clothes.
I got this cord skirt with some birthday money {thanks Sue and Phil!} {my first Saturday Steal of the week}, a new coat, some new jeans and a new jumper to replace the one moths ate in the old house!

5. Look at this amazing peg bag my mum made for me when she saw I was just using a plastic bag! It makes me smile every time I hang the washing out! So sweet. {and as it was a gift, it's my second Saturday Steal!}.

Happy Friday people. What are you up to this weekend?


  1. I love the bag! It's so cute!!! :)
    I'm glad things are going well! You deserve it!

  2. That is a very cute "peg bag." I like that you call them pegs. And that's cool your house will be on the BBC. I'll have to watch that documentary when it comes out.

  3. That is a really sweet and cute gift from your mother. It SO reminds me of something my mama would do! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  4. Loved the bedroom! Hey, I'd FREAK OUT if my house was about to be on national television!

    Nice blog! :P Maybe you could come visit me too one of these days..


  5. Ahhhh, I would be a WRECK if someone from a national television station was coming to film in our home!!

    Those curtains are so fun and cheery and I love how light your bedroom looks! :)

    I'll be praying for your job situation and that it becomes more permanent soon.

  6. I worked temp jobs every summer during college, and I know how stressful it can be if you are needing the hours. Most places kept me employed, but every once in a while I'd be out of a job. I'll keep you in my prayers.

    How exciting to be on BBC! If you ever see a place online where I can watch it, I'd love to see it. And ONE DAY NOTICE??? Fail on Josh's part! But you have a lovely home, so I'm sure it looked great.

    Very cute skirt! Good job getting out into the streets of the big city.

    And that bag...that bag your mom made is adorable!!!!!!!!! How thoughtful of her. :)

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