Craving the Countryside

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Last Saturday my sister and her family came to visit me in Cardiff. One of the plus points of living here is that it’s much easier for family and friends to come and visit us. It took my sister just over an hour to get here, opposed to the three and a half hours it would have taken them to get to Aber.

Just like me, they love the countryside so we escaped the city and went for a walk around Cwmbran.
It’s the first time in a month that I’ve been for a proper walk and I needed it. I have been craving a walk in autumn woods with leaves crackling under foot for weeks now and this walk fitted the bill exactly {even if the weather was freakishly hot for October!}.

We’re slowly settling in here and things are becoming more normal, but one thing I continue to find hard is being away from the countryside.
We know, Cardiff is a beautiful city, we live in an area surrounded by parks, and it doesn’t take long to get out in the countryside; everyone tells us that! But it’s not quite the same as having the open sea three minutes from your front door and the mountains all around.
It might sound melodramatic but I physically ache to be somewhere silent except for the wind blowing through the grass, for cool fresh air on my face and the feel of wet, boggy mountain moss under my feet.

Josh has been ridiculously busy recently; He hasn’t got a day off for three weeks. I know that when things settle down we’ll be able to get out a bit more and find some hidden beauty spots away from the traffic and noise of the city. I can't wait...I'm so impatient to get out there and enjoy the autumn!
What’s your favourite part of Autumn?


  1. Looks like you found some beautiful scenery! Your pictures are lovely.

  2. Thanks for your comment!!
    And these pictures are amazing! Are those last two of where you used to live? Because I would be craving those countrysides as well if I had to move away from that! Beautiful!

  3. Lovely Photos!!!!! they are so so lovely... xx Ah I'm sorry about the city-ness.... I felt quite cramped and od a few times at newcastle for the lack of green... and newcaslte's really not bad i live right by a park but it;s just not big eneough or wild enough. xxx

  4. I love the countryside too. There's nothing like it.