WILW - New House Edition

It’s going to be a while until we have all our furniture delivered and assembled and so I thought I’d post some pictures of our house as it was on the day we moved in just to give you an idea of where we’re living.
There are so many things I love about this house:
We have stairs, and a landing! Those of you who know us in real life will know that the flat we lived in in Aberystwyth was tiny! I loved it for its compactness {I could hoover it all from one plug}, but it’s still great to have so much space!

I also love the stained glass on the bathroom door and window which was made by the owner of the house.

Living Rooms:
We’ve got two ‘reception’ rooms. I guess one is meant to be a dining room, but we’re going to use one as a ‘nice’ sitting area and one which we can use just to relax. The rooms are nice and light too.

So excited about this kitchen! It’s brand new and is just so different from where we were before. There is more space too which means that I can have kitchen cupboards that aren’t overflowing with Tupperware.
AND I can also look out into the garden when I’m doing the washing up…!

I haven’t taken any pictures of the garden yet, but for people who have lived in top floor flats for years it’s SO EXCITING! It’s amazing to have a washing line so we won’t have damp clothes hanging round the place for days, a shed where we can store things that are in the way, and a veg patch! Eeek!
We’ve got a brand new bathroom which is lovely. It’s so much nicer than the one we had before {which had a big hole in the wall}, and it has a bath which we didn’t have before. Happy J

We have two bedrooms! I can’t wait to be able to entertain and be more hospitable than we have been able to with only one bedroom.

The master bedroom is big, and feels lovely and airy. We'll be using the second bedroom as a study…we haven’t decided whether we’ll keep the wallpaper yet!
So that’s a first look at our new house. You like?
Other than the carpets needing to be replaced I love this house so much! Although we’re really sad at leaving people behind in Aber setting up home in a house that is better than the one we left is making it a bit easier. I better get on with the unpacking!

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  1. That's so exciting!
    I'm very happy for you, guys!
    That house is wonderful!!
    I love it!!

  2. Looks great. When can we come down?

  3. I love your new place. It looks so airy and bright. And having a sink with a view is one of the best things! You'll enjoy making it your home!

  4. very exciting!! i love your new place!

  5. Wow! The kitchen and bathroom have changed since the previous residents!!! Very nice xxx

  6. So nice!!!! I can see how it could feel like your home in no time at all. Your bathroom is awesome. I love the stained glass, and your tub is way nicer than ours. Do you just use the little bit of glass wall to keep the water in when you shower? Hmmm. I can't wait to see it all unpacked and made into your own space. Looks like you're going to love it :) Congratulations!

  7. I really enjoyed peaking into your new home! It's so pretty. I like all of the unique details to it. Or, at least over here in America, you only find pretty detail like that in certain areas and certain homes. I hope y'all really enjoy it!

    (Oh....I used to have an apartment that I could vacuum entirely without having to change plugs!)

    Hope y'all have a good week!

  8. Your house looks beautiful! I love the doors and the painted glass. Happy new home! xxx