Saturday Kitchen

Who wants to see pictures of our new kitchen?
It’s my favourite room of our new house and it’s where I’m spending most of my time at the moment. I’ve suddenly been seized by a desire to do lots of cooking so I’m making the most of my free time and trying out some new recipes. Josh certainly isn’t complaining!

It’s one of the lightest rooms in the house as there are plenty of windows which face the morning sun, and I love to have the door open onto the garden on fine days; one thing we never could do in a top-floor flat!
I love it that I have lots more space than I did in the old house. There is plenty of spare worktop space so things don’t look cramped and it’s easier to keep things clean.

One of my favourite new additions to our kitchen is this utensil pot. I got it from an antique shop while we were away. I used to keep all our utensils jumbled in a draw, but now they are on hand just when I need them.

I’d been looking for a suitable container for a while, and I liked this one because it’s Devon terracotta. There was only one in this style in the shop and I wasn’t sure whether to get it, and when I went up to the till to buy it the woman behind me said that if I hadn’t picked it up that second she would have bought it…so I’m glad I grabbed it while I could.
I also got it with birthday money, so that kinda makes it free (can I hear a Saturday Steals woop?).

Josh is away at a meeting today so it’s my first day on my own. I’m enjoying it actually…I’m going to make toffee apple crumble later so I’ll share the recipe if it works!
Have a good Saturday!(P.S I had to check it actually was Saturday then...I'm losing touch with reality! I need to meet some people!)


  1. Yay for birthday money! I always think kitchens are some of the happiest rooms in any house. :-)

  2. You have a lovely kitchen! So bright and cheery. I love that your windowsill is deep enough to have pots on it. Mine just barely fits but I can't keep my blinds down if I want pots there, so it's far less convenient and lovely.

    Thanks so much for sharing and participating in SS this weekend!

  3. I love all the light in your kitchen. I have a crock for my most used utensils too! I searched all over for something I like and it was at an antique shop that I finally found one I liked. Great minds think alike :) Yay for all your cooking recently. It's so fun in brand new (to you) kitchens. The thrill has worn off here after 6 years :)

  4. Love the new house Maynards! Please may I have your new address in order to celebrate? :)