Running for the hills

This past weekend we escaped Cardiff to visit Josh’s parents in the Lake District. I know, I know, we need to stick it out in the city and make friends – smacked wrists for us – but in our defence it was the only weekend we could see Josh’s sister and her new hubby before term started.
It did mean that we didn’t go to a church in Cardiff this weekend so we still haven’t really met anyone here, but it was really nice to relax at the house church in the Lakes with people we knew. A time of relaxation away from all the newness of things here.
Back in Cardiff we’re getting sorted. The house is great – I love it – but I still can’t shake off a weird feeling. I don’t really feel sad or unhappy…I guess I just need time to settle in for things to feel normal. We haven’t done much yet, even small things like going shopping seem to take up the majority of the day as we work our way round the city.
Yesterday we walked into the city centre. It took about 40 minutes and it’s a really nice walk along the river. Things around us are pretty green and quiet. Although if you go outside you can hear the steady hum of traffic and the occasional siren we’re in the weird situation that this house is actually much quieter than the place we lived in Aber. There’s hardly any passing traffic and we don’t get drunk people shouting at night or noisy neighbours. As I write, the sun is pouring in through the open kitchen door and I can hear birds singing in the garden (accompanied by a siren!)…being in the city isn’t all bad and we’re trying our hardest not to moan about being here.
On another note – we’re all unpacked now and I’m desperate for visitors! Let us know if you are, or want to be, in the area! I’ve already stocked up the freezer with homemade food for unexpected guests!

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  1. How sweet that you have food for unexpected guests. That's so thoughtful. I wish I could hop over the Big Pond and visit. That'd be fun! It takes time to get used to a new place, so don't be hard on yourself. It may take longer than you expect too. Every big change is hard, but usually works out great in the end. (especially if God put you there...He'll take care of you!) :)