On the outside

We went to a church in Cardiff for the first time this Sunday.

This was good because we left the house, met people and I had a conversation with someone other than my husband.
It was bad because we left the house, met people and I had a conversation with someone other than my husband; I am SOCIALLY AWKWARD.
I exaggerate of course…I only laughed like a horse and snorted ONCE.
Joking aside, I think we did a good job of appearing normal and people were very welcoming. We traded numbers with a few people, we were invited out for dinner last night and I’m meeting up for coffee with a lovely lady tomorrow.
The thing I found very strange was that we were on the outside of the congregation. We’ve been so deeply involved in a church family for so long that it felt very weird that people didn’t know us and that we didn’t have any responsibilities. There was no chance that someone would come to me in the middle of the sermon in a panic because the coffee machine wouldn’t work, or that there were no toilet rolls left and I didn’t read the notice sheet in dread waiting to see a mistake that I had left in.
I make it sound like it should be a relief, but in reality it made me feel sad. God made us a family, each to have our own place and purpose. He gives us our gifts to use.
I know, of course that it takes time to settle in and that it won’t be long before we are involved, but I can be very impatient. I wanted to jump right in on Sunday and volunteer for things, to be as involved as I was in Aberystwyth, but I knew I had to hold back. God doesn’t necessarily have the same plans for us here as he did back there, and being really busy doesn’t necessarily equal being a super holy Christian and following God’s will.
In other news, I’m thinking I should start a new section of the blog for all the lessons I am learning as a ‘Vicar’s Wife in Training’. I thought of my first lesson last night while we were out for dinner (I’ll blog about that soon). What do you think? Can you think of any lessons I need to learn to be a Vicar’s Wife?!


  1. It's good to read about this... you challenge me there with your comment about being super busy not necessarily being evidence that I'm doing God's will. I am glad that it sounds like people are being friendly and that you're beginning to settle in. I love you Mrs Maynard and look forward to hearing about your first lesson... I can't begin to imagine what Vicar's wives must learn... I've met such different vicar's wives... pru bell and anna gibbons... would love to hear their input on what you should learn as a vicar's wife! ;] xx

  2. My sister has always been heavily involved in the life of her Church in Wales church, and can batch bake cakes and scones for 50 at a moment's notice. She can organise cups of tea for hours on end, and organise other people to help her. (I just stay out of the way!)
    Seriously, fruit cakes in tins and sponge cakes in the freezer will become a way of life, as will supplies of tissues, phone calls in the middle of the night and endless pressing of clerical garb (my sister is a dab hand at getting candle grease out of clerical cloth!!)
    I am close to another vicar's wife who does not get involved in the life of her husband's church at all, and I find it sad. He was a late comer to the priesthood, and she says that while she is perfectly happy about him doing it, she has no faith, and will not participate.
    That will not be you. It's just as well you've had good training in behind-the-scenes activities - you will need it!

  3. I'm sure you will find your place in the church in just the right time!!

    But the way you opened this post made me laugh!! haha!!! I have those same feelings MANY times! Loved it!

  4. Too many lessons--I don't want to overwhelm you. God will teach you all you need to know each step of the way.

    By the way, you remind me of me when my husband and I were starting a church here in the U.S. I tried to do everything too.

    I don't know if you remember me, the "pastors wife" who has ancestors from your neck of the woods. I thought I subscribed to your other blog but haven't gotten any emails. I guess I'll just have to check back with you from time to time! :)

  5. I love how God is growing you right now, and that you're able to see that. You'll find your niche, and you'll find that you will be used by God no matter where you are. I think we could all use your insights from what you need to learn as a vicar's wife...so go for it!!!

  6. I was really lucky in the fact that I was instantly plunged into the life of my church. It was a little bit scary actually. I was introduced as the new youth worker before I had even accepted the job. It was fortunate that I did, really.